Why Would Any Company Trust Microsoft Over DRM Ever Again?

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It really was just last week, right, that Microsoft was last seen totally screwing over all those partners who had signed up to use its misnamed “PlaysForSure” DRM? Apparently, bygones are bygones and other companies have no problem stepping right up into Microsoft’s embrace on a new DRM solution — this time in the mobile space. Nokia is apparently agreeing to use Microsoft’s mobile DRM offering dubbed “PlayReady” on a variety of Nokia devices. You would have thought that after the PlaysForSure debacle, Microsoft would avoid dubbing its DRM anything similar. Give it a few years and perhaps Microsoft will support some totally different DRM on its own phones (like it did with the Zune) and then we can ask again what Nokia was thinking.

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Comments on “Why Would Any Company Trust Microsoft Over DRM Ever Again?”

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zcat says:

or anything else...?!!

You remember that old Peanuts cartoon, where Lucy holds the ball for Linux, and at the last minute she pulls it away and Linux falls on his butt? Why would Linux trust Lucy the next time? I don’t know, but somehow he always did.

Watching companies put their trust in Microsoft always reminds me of this cartoon.. you just know that at the last moment Microsoft are going to pull the ball away and that company is going to fall flat on their butt. But they still do it.


Nick says:

McAfee's criminal behavior.

Tucows is a respected and trusted software vendor, and unlike McAfee has a unbiased review system. There is no reason other than unfair competition that McAfee should be commiting Libel aganist Tucows.

To understand the situation completely we must look at the soure, McAfee.com

It’s important to say from the beginning, it would be impossible for almost any company to be any worse than McAfee. McAfee is a known criminal organization, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that they are attacking online merchants that may sell competing products. McAfee is currently restating 10 years of earnings, because it stoled money from share holders. First by purposely overstating earnings(people are already in jail for this one), and then by back dating options(resulting in the theft of $150,000,000 from share holders).

I have to ask myself at this point, what gives McAfee the moral authority to attack legitimate websites. When it would almost be impossible for any company to match McAfee’s criminal behavior. There are literally old folks that had their retirement stolen from them by this company.

Finally, who are these people doing the reviewing? It took me less than two minutes to sign up. There was no verification of my identity, residence, or anything else that would make me accountable for my statements. You can become an advanced reviewer by responding to a couple of more questions, none of which have anything to do with establishing your identity, just your supposed ability. Making it easy for anyone to lie about their resume.

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