Why Hack Facebook When You Can Just Build A Silly Viral App Instead?

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There’s some buzz over the fact that Facebook is now suing a Canadian porn firm for trying to hack into its servers. The details are pretty light at this point, but a reasonable guess would be that, if the company really was hacking Facebook, it was trying to get info in order to spam Facebook’s users. Still, considering that Facebook allows companies to create their own apps on its platform, it makes you wonder why anyone would bother hacking Facebook, when you could get a much better result by building a viral app within the site. Of course, that would assume whoever tried to hack into Facebook actually thought things through — and that may be assuming too much.

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Comments on “Why Hack Facebook When You Can Just Build A Silly Viral App Instead?”

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AC says:

1 – Perfect technology to deliver virtual “bitch-slap”

2 – Release freeware teaser in the form of a facebook app

3 – Release full version ($$$) that can deliver said bitch slap to anyone on any computer anywhere in the world, w/out the need for pre-installed software.

3 – Profit! in addition to knowing that I caused the internet to devolve into a glorified pimp fight.

Jon says:

Facebook App Privacy Invasion

This is the thing I hate about facebook apps. They require that you give the app access to your personal information (or, at least, the confirmation page makes it seem that way… I haven’t seen any explanation of how much data the app can harvest from you).

This may be fine for some apps, which do something useful for you by accessing some of your info, but not all apps appear to use your info at all. Things like “Magic 8-ball”… why would that app need to know anything about me with the possible exception of my name (and even that need would be dubious)?

Facebook needs to allow app creators to specify what information from your profile they need in order to function. Then on the confirm/deny page it can list the information the app will use, so that you can accept or deny the request intelligently. I’ve been denying most apps simply because I don’t feel like I should give out my personal information just so that I can “play zombie” or whatever.

TheDock22 says:

Re: Re:

Is it one of those myspace things where people post all their personal pictures and info online so advertisers and dirtbags can see? nice

Actually Facebook forces you to approve people who can see your profile…so you can’t make your profile “public” like facebook. Now advertisers can get your personal info if you allow apps, but mostly not.

mouse says:

Re: Re: Re:

Actually Facebook forces you to approve people who can see your profile…so you can’t make your profile “public” like facebook

[assuming you meant ‘myspace’ not ‘facebook’ in the last part]

Facebook profiles can be public to any logged in user – the option is kind of hidden backwards, but having joined as not part of a network early last spring, the default for mine was public to everyone, rather than [what seems to be the default now] friends/groups-only.

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