Can You Outbid Microsoft For The Microsoft Name In Portugal?

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Microsoft is reasonably protective of its name — even to ridiculous levels at times. However, it surprised us to find out that a company other than the Redmond giant happens to have the trademark on Microsoft in Portugal. In fact, that company is now trying to sell the name on eBay. The big Microsoft has to go by the name MSFT in Portugal, as the local company registered the name long before Microsoft moved into Portugal. Not surprisingly, the little Portuguese Microsoft has tried to sell the name to the big American Microsoft, but apparently the process was taking too long, so it just decided to throw the name up on eBay. The Freakonomics guys were just having a discussion about the Coase Theorem when it comes to domain names, and if you follow their reasoning, then it would suggest that the US-based Microsoft should eventually wind up with the name, as it must be more valuable to it than to anyone else. That seems reasonable, but in the meantime, it might be fun to imagine who else might want to buy it…

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Comments on “Can You Outbid Microsoft For The Microsoft Name In Portugal?”

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Levi Figueira (user link) says:

Re: I doubt Microsoft will pay big for it...

The case here is a bit different! They had the NAME (not domain) registered since 1981, way before Microsoft was even very noticeable…

The company was going down the drain and they offered to Microsoft who was probably waiting for the company to go down and the name to be lost after some years… But the company never lost the name because they still exist, just not active anymore! 🙂

It still sounds weird anyway… 😐

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