Guge vs. Google: Publicity Stunt Or Reasonable Lawsuit?

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A Chinese company named Guge Sci-Tech Co. is apparently suing Google’s China operation for also using the name Guge. While at first this seems to have more legitimacy than other lawsuits over Google’s name, it may not be that clear cut. Guge Sci-Tech only registered their name in April of 2006 — at a time when Google had already said that it was going to use the Guge name in China. The real problem was that Google didn’t bother to register the Guge name itself until November of 2006. All of that makes you wonder if this is really all just a publicity stunt for Guge Sci-Tech. If it is, it might not be working. The AP report on the story doesn’t even bother to list what Guge Sci-Tech does.

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Comments on “Guge vs. Google: Publicity Stunt Or Reasonable Lawsuit?”

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WisconsinGod says:


Wow, finally I get a first, can’t take to long to write or i’ll lose it.

The question is how long before April06 did Google declare its intention. I know in the US, commonly those who have established a viable business presence or name first in a market, regardless of registraton, recieves the right to use.

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