Russia Continues To Use 'Piracy' As An Excuse To Silence Critics

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For quite some time now, US diplomats have been pressuring Russia to crack down on copyright violations in the country. While Russian officials have mostly given lipservice to the requests, it appears they’ve now found a convenient way to kill two birds with one stone: shutting up government critics with charges of software piracy. We first mentioned that strategy back in September, but now it appears to be working quite well. A newspaper critical of the government has suspended publication thanks to a criminal investigation into whether or not the newspaper was using “pirated” software. Since we’ve already seen that piracy convictions in Russia can mean getting sent off to Siberia, it seems like Russian officials now have discovered how to send many critics off to Siberia while appeasing US demands to crack down on piracy.

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Comments on “Russia Continues To Use 'Piracy' As An Excuse To Silence Critics”

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Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

Bust a deal,

face the wheel!

Many other countries have non-licensed software laws.
Not many countries have an named state that strikes fear, sent to Siberia.

Canada: sent to Nunavut, naa, doesn’t work;
USA: sent to mmm, Iowa, no;
England: sent to the Falklands,
France: French Guinea, maybe,
China, they just send to the local re-education camp.
North Korea, whole country is a prison.

Nothing compares to Siberia, it is now a idea;
like Chihuahua, Mexico, not a dog;

I perfer to stay unknown.

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