Judge Allows Critical Blogger To Remain Anonymous

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Just as we were noting that it was becoming increasingly common for people in the UK to file libel lawsuits to unmask anonymous online critics, it looks like US courts are being much more protective of an individual’s right to privacy. In yet another lawsuit involving a school and an anonymous blogger (why do we keep seeing similar stories?), a judge has ruled that an anonymous blogger can remain anonymous as the comments on her blog were protected free speech and not defamatory, as a member of the local school board charged. Of course, the key here is that the speech in question was not defamatory, but merely protected opinion. This doesn’t mean that bloggers can freely libel people — but that a simple libel charge doesn’t automatically allow the unmasking of an anonymous blogger.

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Comments on “Judge Allows Critical Blogger To Remain Anonymous”

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Shmilda says:

This was an open and shut case. The plaintiff was theoretically seeking disclosure as a prelude to filing a suit for defamation. Since it was clear that the plaintiff would lose such a suit (defendant didn’t say what was claimed, nearly impossible for an elected official to win, etc.) there were no grounds whatsoever. Unfortunately, the opinion is not well written and thus will likely not be quoted all that much.

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