What Else Can We Blame On Facebook? How About Helping The Mob?

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Constantine von Hoffman has been doing a nice job tracking both how security firms are blaming Facebook (or any other popular social network) for just about anything, but also how the press keeps falling for it. His latest find is to trash an Australian news organization for writing up a whole article on how Facebook, Linkedin and MySpace are popular feeding grounds for organized criminals without bothering to talk to a single other source than a security firm who has a vested interest in generating headlines and making people worried about security. As Constantine notes, he has no reason to doubt that the claim true, but it seems like the press should at least look for a second, less biased, source for confirmation.

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Comments on “What Else Can We Blame On Facebook? How About Helping The Mob?”

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Mike F.M (user link) says:

But they won't

They won’t look for “a second, less biased, source for confirmation” because it might not make a good a story.

It’s not as dramatic if you have the other side of the story saying that it’s all rubbish. It makes it a more reliable article, true, but won’t sell as many.

The main problem is that as people look to these sources for reliable news and information, and trust them to deliver, they are less likely to question the information.

Mitch Graves says:

Surely no one is surprised the media would do this?
The media puts the worst possible spin on everything except immorality.
They won’t give the hundreds of top scientists who can disprove humans cause global warming the time of day. When the big hoax was acid rain they ignored all the science for a decade until 60 Minutes shocked trhe world by calling it a hoax.
The media goes out of it’s way to put the worst possible spin on everything and when they touch something the leftists like the libs are just amazed at the dishonesty of the media. It’s really funny.
Too bad the libs are not honest enough to read Accuracy in Media or mediaresearch.org. That much truth might kill them! LOL

R Chapman (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I entirely agree with your sentiments regarding the media, but acid rain a hoax?? please see the wiki entry regarding this,


also, your claim of ‘hundreds’ of scientists saying that mankind is not having an affect on the environment, yet thousands of scientists claim we are….

Chuck Norris' Enemy (deceased) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Yeah, acid rain exists. In Canada, where they mine nickel for Toyota Prius batteries, the land is scorched from acid rain. Take that greenies!
The thousands of scientists only mention man may be a cause of global warming in their papers so they can still get funding to do their research. Hoax indeed!

KAZ (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

It is even more foolish to fall for the anti-wikipedia propoganda as the anti-facebook.

Wikipedia is already the best single source of information in (human) existence. The complaint that “anyone can edit it” speaks to a gross ignorance of how it works.

It also ignores the fact that the /problem/ with most information sources is that a more monolithic entity edits them. Each other source, ultimately, is irresponsible, speaking only to the agenda of its controller.

In any significant article on wikipedia, ONLY well-sourced information will survive for any length of time, regardless of the agenda of its author. But, likewise, any truth that someone decides to add cannot easily be kept out. As long as they can footnote it correctly, it will likely end up remaining.

The reason that mainstream media and academia attack it is that they HATE the idea of information that they cannot censor and control.

Wolff000 says:

No News Is Good News

I love how people rant about liberal media. Last I checked one of the main news sources in the US was so slanted to the “conservative” side that some politicians refuse to even interview or give a comment. I don’t like any of the news organizations since they all do the spin thing. People should think for themselves and do their own research not believe what they read or hear from any one news source. No one has the whole story or an unbiased opinion anymore.

Danny says:

Re: No News Is Good News

Doing your own reasearch, while probably the most effective method of looking for news, is difficult at best. I’m still trying to find a good set of news sources but like you say it is so hard to find one without political slant. For now I just try to pull hard facts from mainstream sites like CNN and Fox News.

Anonymous Coward says:

Listen up Of course we are having an effect there we have that stupid stuff out of the way now get off you silly agenda and look at the reality. The argument is not if we are having an effect it is how much….Duh !!!!!
Not nearly the effect the radical environmentalists want us to believe. Did you know that bio-diesel causes more damage to atmosphere (“The green house affect”) then petroleum based diesel… Nitrogen oxide ring a bell anywhere ….. Don’t be a dupe think and learn before making even bigger mistakes.

Dylan says:


Maybe what we need to do is give the news companies an ultimatum and tell them that unless they start reporting honest and unbiased news we will just ignore them (not quite sure how well that will work), but In any event we just need to recognize the fact that the media is lying to us and take action. Either that, or just start getting out news from the onion.com, America’s Finest News Source!

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