Apple Sued For Cutting iPhone Price

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Apple certainly surprised a lot of people last month with its sudden and steep price cuts on the iPhone. It certainly isn’t a surprise that technology prices drop over time — but to have them drop by a third after just two months seemed a bit extreme. While some early adopters just shrugged and figured it was the price of getting the device first, others weren’t too thrilled about it. Apple quickly decided to fork over $100 credit to upset early adopters, but apparently that wasn’t enough to satisfy one litigious individual who has decided to sue Apple, AT&T and Steve Jobs personally over the price cuts. It’s difficult to see how you can sue a company for cutting its prices (especially on such a high-priced item in a competitive market), and the details suggest this case won’t get very far. The key to the lawsuit seems to be the highly questionable claim that Apple cut the prices in order to make life difficult for anyone who was trying to resell an iPhone at profit. There’s also some ridiculousness about how the 2-year contract with AT&T is unfair because those who bought phones at a later date could unlock them using 3rd party software. Of course, that has nothing to do with Apple or AT&T — and the recent iBricking certainly suggests that such a claim won’t hold much weight in court. All in all, this sounds like a typical “I don’t like it, so I’ll sue” response, when there’s simply no actual legal basis for the lawsuit.

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Comments on “Apple Sued For Cutting iPhone Price”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: And people wonder....

“Stupid lawsuits like this are driving up malpractice insurance” …

I do not believe that it is the actual lawsuit, but it is the lawyers who “take the case” and follow through to bring these silly claims to be heard in-front a judge.

“Ambulance Chasers” will always be around until a plan is devised to discipline those hyenas.

TheDock22 says:

Re: Re: And people wonder....

I do not believe that it is the actual lawsuit, but it is the lawyers who “take the case” and follow through to bring these silly claims to be heard in-front a judge.

A lawyer needs money too, so I blame the moron with the lawsuit. Why should a lawyer refuse a case anymore than you or I should refuse a good job?

Aaron *Brother Head* Moss (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: And people wonder....

“A lawyer needs money too, so I blame the moron with the lawsuit. Why should a lawyer refuse a case anymore than you or I should refuse a good job?”

That’s part of what makes us human. The ability to to use our minds (or lack of minds in some cases).

Just cuz someone offers you something, doesn’t mean you need to take it.

If someone offered 10 millions dollars to do something illegal, then that means if you get caught, it’s not your fault? No, you would still be held responsible.

I personally blame bot the moron with the lawsuit and the lawyer that doesn’t tell him, “Hey! You’re an asshat!”.
They’re both to blame.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: And people wonder....

“A lawyer needs money too, so I blame the moron with the lawsuit. Why should a lawyer refuse a case anymore than you or I should refuse a good job?”

…for the same reason that a working pimp can make just as much $$$ as a drug dealer. It is wrong and you and I both agree on this point (and the point of the article). But relating to this article, just because something is NOT illegal, doesn’t mean you should do it – ie; putting on make-up while driving your SUV – no exact law against that, but we all know it is wrong to drive with such distractions.

Anonymous Coward says:

when you are the first one on the block to have something, you pay a premium for it. this is how the market works.

i have bought plenty of things the day they came out, knowing i would be paying a premium over later adopters. you are essentially paying to be the “cool kid on the block.”

the iphone is an absolutely horrendous product that fails miserably on nearly all accounts. it is one of the worst phones to come out in a long time and it doesn’t do anything new or better than what has been out for years. as with all apple products, it looks pretty, but that is not all that matters.

later iterations of the iphone will likely vastly improve on their predecessor (there is so much room to do so) but by then apple will have realized that not every product they make will be an ipod (actually, they should know that by now,) and the only way they will be able to get away with maintaining their obscenely elitist attitude, with prices to match, is if they deliver a product worthy of both.

just too many stupid people in this country who do not know anything and don’t want to take responsibility for their own stupidity.

lawsuits like this are a sad reflection on the american public. (user link) says:

Apple Sued For Cutting iPhone Price

This lawsuit is not only frivolous but an abuse of the judicial system and a waste of tax payers’ money for these reasons:

(1) Apple never forced anyone to buy iPhone.

(2) The product belongs to them and so they have the right to sell it at nay price.

(3) They have the right to increase or decrease its price at anytime.

They even have the right also to stop selling it.

(4) But after it cut its price, Steve and Apple were sensitive and shrewd enough to send $100 refund to make it up with their customers and avoid antagonizing them.

They didn’t have to send that refund, if they didn’t wnatt to, but thEy did.

Ferin says:

Stop whining!

Admittedly this was a pretty crappy move on Apple’s part, and it certainly seems to have pissed off the early adopters that often drive their sales, but I fail to see the problem here.

I built a new computer this summer. A week after I bought everything, intel announced a price cut on chips, and the chip I bought was $100 cheaper. I got nothing out of that. This guy oughta just be happy apple’s nice enough to give him the reach around while they screw him.

barrenwaste (profile) says:

Yup, this proves it. People on the whole are STUPID. Yes, capital letters were needed. When companies drop pices on thier products, it’s a good thing for us consumers. Period. The moron who is suing ought to be found in contempt of court, forced to pay for the trial and a sum to apple and the courts for emotional distress, and then popped into county lock up for 60 days. Harsh? A little, but any moron that is complaining about price drops in todays overpriced world needs the stupid slapped out of them. Well, at least there is a good side to this. The thought of getting sued for dropping prices will surely encourage other companies to drop prices…oh, wait, nevermind.

sammy colbert says:

Get pissed off and sue. What a huge waste of time. Just think, taypayer dollars are involved here. I hate people who sue like this, makes a complete joke of this country. No one forced any one to buy an iPhone, Apple put a price on it and people decided to buy. I fully understand why some people are upset but a lawsuit is not the remedy. Bring the thing back, write a letter, never buy an Apple product again: those are your realistic options.

kike says:

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TonyP says:

Yeah But

I bought an iPhone at Best Buy on Friday, on Monday I slipped in the rain and dropped it. Fine… OK… I own other Apples stuff surly they will fix it under the warranty like they do with all of the other stuff they sell.

Nope, not the case. I was force to Buy a new iPhone and give up my 3 day old iPhone to the Apple store and I’m sure the new one they sold me was a referb. My complaint is, If I would have been told, or shown any where in writhing that Apple won’t ever fix a phone’s broken touch screen, I would have never bought this thing.

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