ISPs Selling Your Information Again

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In the past, when ISPs have attempted to make money off their users’ clickstream data, they have met with fierce objections. Now, a new company, NebuAd is asking ISPs to provide not only clickstream data, but also your personal information such as physical location — and they then want to use this data to target ads to you. But not to worry, your embarrassing halitosis problem won’t outed by a traveling salesman selling mouthwash, since according to the company’s CEO, “We only look at consumer sites – not ones that are sensitive. So if you go to a sex site, we don’t track that. If you look up something for HIV positive, we don’t look at that. But if you are planning travel to the South of France or are researching a Lexus SUV, we do track that.” Uh yah, right. Ad companies always have the users’ best interests in mind, don’t they?

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Comments on “ISPs Selling Your Information Again”

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Freenet user says:

Just use an encrypted connection

if all your data is encrypted, they can’t track it.

one P2P network that is not designed for file sharing, but to support free speech, is Freenet. it’s encrypted and no file is stored in one location, but rather spread out. that way, nothing can be “removed” from the network, but can die over time from lack of use. additionally, the have message-boards through Frost, and even provide tools for uploading your own Freesite (jSite). Its not perfect yet, but the idea and determination is definantly there.

Some One says:


Actually, FCC ruled that phone companies can sell/trade/market ALL information they have about you to other companies. For instance, your name, address, who you call and thier phone numbers, when you’ve called them, how long you talked to them, etc, anything you see on your phone bill. Stuff police have to have a warrant for, FCC says they can just sell it. Previously this was under an “opt in” policy, which means they had to ask you to sell this stuff. Then FCC decided, nah, its “opt out” so you have to ASK THEM to not do it.
Call up your phone company and ask them to not allow any distribution of your CPNI

Defenders of this will claim they can only sell/trade to “Affiliates”
Well who the frig are they? Affiliates could be anyone.
Anyway, there’s more info here:
If you google CPNI you can find other info.
If you ask me, this is a much more serious issue, but no one seems to care.

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