Political Mudslinging Reaches New Lows: Using Anonymous Blog Comments In Attack Ads

from the well,-that's-just-too-easy dept

I almost hate to post this, because anything that touches on politics tends to dissolve into pointless name calling in the comments, but it is interesting (if sleazy) to find out that political campaign attack ads are now using anonymously posted blog comments to smear opponents. The ad in question has a voice-over announcing “what others are saying…” about the candidates opponent, and then shows some really negative comments that were placed anonymously on a blog post. Yes, this seems incredibly low. In fact, if campaigns are going to do that, they could simply post whatever kind of comment they wanted to any random prominent blog (as long as it has open comments) and then use that quote in their campaign ad. Yet, because it’s now on a blog somewhere, they can pretend it’s legitimately “sourced.” So this is what they meant when people predicted that blogs would revolutionize politics?

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Comments on “Political Mudslinging Reaches New Lows: Using Anonymous Blog Comments In Attack Ads”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It’s all just smoke and mirrors. The political parties are REALLY just institutions to give people the illusion their viewpoints are being supported. No matter who wins elections, the same things will happen. Had Gore won, we would still be in Iraq. Had the Democrats taken back Congress we would still be in Iraq…oh wait…they did and we are. Everyone gets worked up about conservatives vs. liberals, democrats vs. republicans…it’s a farce. The same people pull the strings on both sides and they are not voted on. Special interest groups, corporate lobbiests…these are the ones who really call the shots.

But go out and vote. It will make you feel like you did your civic duty and you can be complacent for another four to eight years.

Anonymous Coward says:

To those who agree that our government is run by lobbiests and special interests, let me plead to you that we all get together and elect someone who isn’t controlled by them, even if they don’t look like they have a chance. If everyone that told me “I’d like to vote for him but that would be throwing my vote away” actually voted for the under dog we might actually elect someone we like. From the research I’ve done, granted I’m not finished(we have sometime left), Dennis Kucinich seems like a guy we could trust, I mean he even stood up to the mofia back when he was a governor and said I promised the people this is what I was going to do before they elected me so I’m going to do it.

Xiera says:

I guess I’ll be the balsy one who breaks the chain of anonymous cowards (though I don’t expect anyone will be reading this anyways).

One coward posted that “Americans have not had a say in the direction America moves for quite some time.” Let me explain something: Americans have NEVER had a say in the direction America moves, excepting sizable social revolutions (civil right movement, for instance). We are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. This means that we don’t have a say in what goes on in our government. It’s the way it’s always been. We elect the people that we think will lead the country in the direction we want (or sometimes the people we think are the lesser of evils).

Another coward mentioned that partisan politics is a farce. While I HATE partisan politics with a passion (it essentially eliminates the moderate guy from the equation), a study of our history — including detailed economics, taxes, etc., social policies, military policies, etc. — shows that political parties are, indeed, a group of people who hold the same basic political beliefs, and not a fallacy.

Furthermore, it should not surprise anyone that corporate lobbyists are having such a large impact in government. It’s the direction that our society, as a whole, is heading: the almighty dollar is more important than values such as honesty. And we, as a nation, are doing nothing to stop the growing influence of these corporations. If we aren’t doing our parts, why the should our elected officials be any different?

Special interest groups? This is a matter of politicians wanting to win the votes of the members of these groups and the people who sympathise with these groups. This is American politics. You know why they’re called “special interest” groups? Because their interests are not the same as the majority of citizens. You know how to change this pattern? Get the majority of citizens together to not re-elect said politician. All politicians are like that? Then YOU run (or find someone else who will not submit to special interest groups for their votes).

Yes, the American system has a LOT wrong with it. Yes, we probably need a revolution. But unless people are willing to do something other than whine about it, nothing’s going to happen.

As for the topic, this should really come as no surprise. Politicians will use any means (and media) necessary to come out on top. It’s sad (by which I mean pathetic), but true.

Mitch says:

Swift what?

I can’t believe there are still folks that actually believe
Kerry over the Vets. Kerry promised over and over again to release his full military records. This is the ONLY way any of his side can be substantiated. Yet CONTRARY to what major media likes to intimate..HE NEVER HAS. Kerry claimed he got NO paperwork with his medals. According to the military the only way you get out of the military without these is if you had a less than honorable discharge.
These are FACTS, immutable and verifiable. So lets not compare what was done to that lying jackal Kerry and this travesty with the blogs quotes!

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Re #15 & #13

You are the ONLY person who mentioned Kerry here. You must be off topic as it appears you are trying to reply to somebody but it seems mostly like rambling. Please leave as aside from you this has been an intelligent discussion over politics (which partly I am shocked that there hasn’t been more responds like you).

#13 Xiera
I agree with you, and am trying to help fix things.
My path to fixing things isn’t just getting those who are corrupt kicked out, as it appears they are only replaced by more corruption, from either side. I am also backing and helping develop plans for my friend who may or may not choose a political party (still up in the air if he wants to affiliate with either since he dislikes both) but he vows to never stoop to their level, and he will not sell out. I have known him since we were both about 10. If these are his plans, I believe him. I will support him. And he will work up the political ladders and I hope he makes it all the way. He would be doing America a favor if he did.
Currently he is working towards township supervisor (this is first election he is able to apply for a position). I will vote for him and will urge all my friends in the area to do so to. If so, after he has been there for awhile I will look back and see how well he truly held up. He is the first person I actually have faith in.

RandomThoughts (user link) says:

Are things worse than they have ever been or do we just find out about it more? I seem to remember politicians in the past actually killing each other. Kind of hard to get worse than that.

Personally, I think our system has held up pretty well over the last 200+ years. How can we improve things? You have one side that says get rid of the professional politician, term limits, get people into office who want to help. Then you have the side that says term limits just ensures that you will have politicians that don’t know how to get things done.

Corruption? Of course, always had it, always will. Politicians are just people. Everyone talks about how companies are evil, but companies are just made up of people. Special interests? Filled with people. Everyone wants their point of view to rule the land. Guess what, not everyone’s can.

Dirk Sorensby (user link) says:

It is the left and they have no shame.

Such a campaign tactic is undoubtedly a democratic invention.

Honesty matters. You fucking democrats. It isn’t about how honest you “sound,” it is about how honest you actually are.!

The liberal democrats, in their relativism world, have become down right scoundrals.

They have come to a place where ambition and power is their God, and there is nothing they won’t do or say in pursuit of their own ambitions.

The scariest part of it all, is that, it has become so common to be dishonest, that people don’t seem to notice or mind, as the sick democratic leadership is shamefully dishonest.

This horrible man Stark, should be shot for his behavior. Not because he bashed bush and the military; but, because he has so little self control and judgement. Why didn’t he speak something sincere? Why would he say that Bush is killing our sons and daughtors for his own amusement?

I think America should but the Iraq war on hold, and have a civil war, and kill off every last one of you dishonest, underhanded, traitorous, self-serving, communistic, horrible liberals.

Dirk Sorensby (user link) says:

Re: Re: anonymous coward

is going to get killed or at least taken to court for slander – for making up out of the blue that I am a sex offender. You so perfectly illustraite what I was saying and what is so wrong and dangerous about you fucking liberal pig trash. Just as you have done above, it doesn’t matter if it is true or not, right? You pigs just want to win your pionts and your power – because you have no soul.

You are a pig to not care more about truth.

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