I've Decided To Major In YouTube Watching

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Lots of colleges have random “light weight” classes that people always seem to joke about. When I was in school I remember the jokes about “Physics for Poets” and “Rocks for Jocks” (though, I think that second one had a more formal name). However, with a new generation of internet services, there can now be a new generation of odd classes that people will make fun of, such as the new class being offered by Pitzer College which is all about YouTube. The class seems to involve watching YouTube videos, commenting on them, discussing them and creating your own YouTube videos. To be honest about it, this is really sounds like a typical class in popular culture — which are found at universities around the world — but with a slight YouTube twist, which helps it generate news and become part of the pop culture itself. Now, if someone would just offer a class in using Digg… that would get some attention.

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