Some Reasonable Advice On Facebook At Work From British Trade Unions

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We’ve seen a bunch of ridiculous reports lately blaming Facebook for lost productivity and saying that nearly half of all companies now ban Facebook at work. Those studies were both biased and misleading — often coming from companies that were trying to sell filtering solutions to companies. Over in the UK, however, it’s nice to see the Trades Union Congress (TUC) there say that banning Facebook at work is going too far and throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, the group recommended that companies come up with some straightforward usage policies. All in all, the group’s comments seem quite reasonable, noting that there are benefits to these services and banning them outright is simply an overreaction. The report also notes that banning sites like Facebook won’t stop employees from slacking off at times and it probably won’t even stop them from figuring out ways to get to Facebook. Instead, it makes more sense to focus on encouraging them to use social networking sites in a reasonable way and then just focusing on whether or not the employees are actually getting their jobs done.

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Comments on “Some Reasonable Advice On Facebook At Work From British Trade Unions”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Facebook ?!

I agree. In fact why allow internet access full stop? I think only if you really need it should you get it and let’s be honest most people don’t need it.

Continuing in that vein I think all music devices and mobile phones should also be banned, toilet breaks, coffee breaks, lunch breaks. Actually why not just bring back slavery then all you need do is provide the minimum food for the slave to function and we’ll all be so much happier living under our corporate masters….

Dan says:

Re: Facebook ?!

I discussed this at length with a group of my friends during my internship at GE. Last year facebook was banned, but this year everyone had access. The only conclusion we could come to was that someone had convinced management that the presence of a GE network would enable employees another avenue of contacting each other and networking within the company. Both of which are good things for GE as a whole. Plus now there aren’t countless requests to them to allow facebook. Plus, unless you are a facebook addict, you can only spend so much time on it before you are bored out of your mind and you’ll get back to work.

Anonymous Coward says:

Since when did it become crazy for a company to expect their employees to actually work when they’re at work? employees don’t NEED internet access or the other BS to be happy at work, if you like your job and treated well by your employer and paid well then why are you gonna be a lil b!tch and cry because you can’t browse the internet? your computer at work is for work and is not your personal computer.

phil says:

man i work in an office, and i would desperatly love access to facebook, and i spend my days whining about corporate values and how i’m undervalued and may as well be a slave etc etc etc… but if i had access to facebook, productivity would drop. it is the PERFECT time waster, it’s pointless, everyone in the whole world seems to be on it.

seriously anyone saying this doesnt impact productivity is a freak who is completly immune to distractions, and probably has no friends as they’d spend all day messaging them if they did.

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