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And If We Put Bulletproof Textbooks In Bulletproof Backpacks, Then Think How Safe We'll All Be

from the educational-body-armor dept

About a year ago we had the story of a candidate for state school superintendent in Oklahoma who was advocating that textbooks be made with bulletproof covers as a method of protecting students in the exceptionally unlikely event of a school shooting. This seemed like a bizarre idea, especially when you weigh out the costs vs. the likelihood of any such event (and the actual protective ability of a bulletproof textbook). Of course, it appears that others have been thinking along the same lines, as one manufacturer is now selling bulletproof backpacks for your kids as they head back to school. Assuming you’re worried that your kid goes to school in a warzone, feel free to pick one up — but just imagine the protective power of one of those backpacks stuffed with bulletproof books?

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Comments on “And If We Put Bulletproof Textbooks In Bulletproof Backpacks, Then Think How Safe We'll All Be”

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k0 (user link) says:

and yet...

And yet they can be even more useless! If you’re in my school district, you aren’t even allowed to have backpacks! They fear it’s a “security hazard”, and technically (although the school’s administration (not the school board) has nixed this rule for the school), you aren’t allowed to have trappers! GAH! I’m writing a book on the stupidity. I’m a terrible writer, you’ll never see it, but if you want a copy when I’m done, check my site, post a comment.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: and yet...

Trapper Keepers. Product line by Mead Corp. (paper and office/school supply company) Trapper Keepers were a line of binders, folders, notebooks etc. Every school kid had them. They were way cool. Also the reason that I can not convert to the metric system in my head. With a trapper keeper you never needed to learn the metric system. Conversion charts right on the inside of the folders

KKC says:

A whole new generation of hunchbacks

Think of all the weight IF eventually all kids start carrying bulletproof backpacks with books with bulletproof textbooks. We will spawn a whole new generation on hunchbacks…

On the bright side, the USA will be able to mass produce Kevlar (hence cheaper) bulletproofing, but then again so will erm “dissidents”.

B says:


Hm, that definately will be a waste of money, the US needs to make up money lost by Bush not waste it on stupid things like that.

It’s good thing you know a lot about money. The government isn’t wasting money on this, some private company is.
Yeah, same with my old school district too, k0. Students weren’t allowed to carry bags around unless they had an injury where they needed crutches or a wheelchair.
Even if the textbooks were bulletproof, they won’t protect your entire body if you hold it in front of you… it’s a silly idea. Same with bulletproof backpacks.

the GTA will be sued for influencing the easily warped minds of teenagers with guns and violence.

You know that has already been tried, right? Look up Jack Thompson.

Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

Re: Funny !wrong!

I don’t say this often, but that is stupid.
The government IS wasting my money because the government IS the one spending the money.
The government IS the one that decides to waste the money on bulletproof items.
The government IS the one that forgot that it is about education not daycare.
The government IS the one wasting the money.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Funny !wrong!

gotta argue this one:
“The government IS the one that forgot that it is about education not daycare.”

Having worked tech in a school, it isn’t the schools that have forgotten this it is the parents. I can’t count the number of times parent had lawyers in the school I worked at over grades, suspensions, etc. Parents need to back off and let schools run unless there is a issue that needs addressing.

I will not automatically side with my son against the teacher, I need to hear the whole story and judge from there. Then again, I hope to never have to judge because he behaves and listens anyway.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

ok then…. so they go about their attack, and some teacher or whatnot pulls out a .9mm and with a quick double-tap the attack is over.

But we can keep going with the other approach of, “This is a gun-free zone. If you want to attack without encountering trouble, attack here —>” So far it’s worked incredibly well.

But hey… we have bullet-proof backpacks now. So our kids can hold their backpacks in front of them as they’re totally defenseless and waiting to die.

What a wonderful idea. I’ll take 2 please!

Nasty Old Geezer says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

Agreed — but if neither works, then what does contribute to public safety?

IMHO, a two part answer. First, people who believe that they have something to lose rarely act violently. Build the middle class and work to reduce despair from poverty. Second, realize that no one is ever completely safe, don’t go to insane lengths to try and create perfect safety.

Bulletproof backpacks are pretty far over the edge, unless you truly send your kids to school in an active war zone.

PS — I believe in both forms of gun control: nuts, kids, and criminals should not have firearms; and those who do have them learn to shoot straight.

n3rdkw says:

Replying to KKC
“Think of all the weight IF eventually all kids start carrying bulletproof backpacks with books with bulletproof textbooks. We will spawn a whole new generation on hunchbacks…”

In case you don’t know, most junior high students have backpacks well over 20 pounds.
Walk into a middle school and you’ll see backpacks twice the size of the kid slugging it around.

Anonymous Coward says:

Personally, I think it’s awesome. Not because of what it is or what it signifies (hysteria / cashing in on hysteria) but because of the bragging rights. Especially for kids around the age of 9-10 or something. We used to get into arguments about whose bag could hold the most pens in individual little holders. If I could’ve just said “Well my bag can only hold 2 pens, but it can stop a bullet”, I’d have won the argument without question.

Well done, bulletproof bag making company. Well done.

Overcast says:

How about this…

Any little punk who brings a firearm to school, brandishes it, or uses it – is charged, like an adult and goes to adult prison for the maximum term.

Perhaps real punishment for crimes like this would make a difference?

But also:

Dude – if having a gun made people safe, then Baghdad would be the safest place on earth, followed by Mogadishu.

There were more murders in LA last year than US servicemen that died.

Now, I’ll hear ‘what about Iraqi’s!!!’

Umm, that’s just *one* city.

Not that I’m for ol’ globalist-elite-faux-cowboy Bush’s little power war, but still… just keeping things in perspective.

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