TorrentSpy Cuts Off US Users, Rather Than Tracking Them

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BitTorrent search engine TorrentSpy has been involved in a legal battle with the MPAA for some time now. The lawsuit took a slightly bizarre twist a few months back when a judge demanded that TorrentSpy start logging details about its users — something the company had never done and had no plans to do. TorrentSpy claims that doing so will violate its users privacy and violate its own terms of service. Apparently, however, that hasn’t convinced the judge to change the ruling — meaning that TorrentSpy has now cut off access to visitors coming from the US as a way of protecting their privacy. Of course, it’ll probably take all of about 10 minutes for most people to figure out other ways to get to TorrentSpy (or they’ll just move on to another BitTorrent search engine). Congratulations to the MPAA for driving a bunch of movie fans further underground…

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Comments on “TorrentSpy Cuts Off US Users, Rather Than Tracking Them”

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GoblinJuice says:

Re: Re:

Pffft. Same was said about encryption – right around when PGP became known to the unwashed.

We’re, what, a decade past that time and most people still don’t use encryption.

If something is a “hassle”, the majority will never use it. If something requires Johnny Jackass to reconfooble his system – be it software or hardware, it just won’t happen.

I mean, hell, most people don’t even backup their data! Do you honestly expect these same people to use proxies, encryption, ip lists?

If it weren’t for Windows Update, these people wouldn’t even patch their goddamn systems.

RandomThoughts (user link) says:

Goblin, of course technical users will be able to get around the safety net companies build in. I could with some help, but I don’t. That being said, technical users need to be aware that if they do things for themselves, they will probably be left alone. Do things for others (helping the great unwashed) expect to get some attention.

Everyone has their expertise, I have seen brilliant people walk into a media interview and do things that someone with a little media knowledge would never do. It takes all kinds. Thats what makes this world interesting.

matt (profile) says:

for the geniuses out there

beyond this doing absolutely nothing, what it basically represents is indirectly torrentspy saying “use a proxy”. Obviously they ar enot recursing who accesses through an anonymous proxy or tor, which is about a 5 minute set up.

I feel sorry for torrentspy for losing some of their webtraffic due to overzealous mpaa/riaa.

So yes, a LOT of people know about proxies, and merely mentioning them in an article like this educates even more individuals on how to get around being tracked.

Given that tracker websites are very low demand (read: mostly text/dialup is almost fast enuff), a proxy would be a non issue most likely.

Michael Long says:


Goblin has it right. It doesn’t matter if it drives some people deeper underground. It just has to make sharing enough of a hassle. How many times doe you have to find your favorite site offline, or get tired of downloading decoys, or hear about a neighbor getting popped by the **AA, before you just say screw it and punch the PPV button on your set-top box?

The exact same thing happened with Macrovision and VHS. Yeah, you could buy a hardware box to crack it… but how many people bothered? Easier to just keep an eye the the previously-viewed bin at Blockbuster.

uncivilized civilian says:


I have the untimate solution to all your downloading problems. Move to Canada…our government doesn’t care what we download, where we download it from or how many or your rediculous laws we break.
I’m sure that will change but for now come over to Canada where pot is damn near legal and the internet is still almost as it should be.

Mac the Ripper says:

Why not just rip your own

It is much faster ( 12-20 min/movie), works on all Blockbuster has in the store except for the HD stuff, but who cares, for the price of a rental you can make copies for all of you friends and family. I can see usingthe torrents for software and utilities, but movies and music, why?

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