Area Energy Prices Influence Data Center Locations

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There’s been a lot of interest lately in ways for data centers to reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint and by extension save money. Energy considerations are particularly important for companies like Microsoft and Google, which are both building massive data centers all around the country. A breakdown of state-by-state energy costs gives some insight into how these companies are selecting their locations. North Carolina, where Google is breaking ground on a new location, has seen a year-over-year decrease in the price of commercial energy, putting it in the top third of all states (Google also was given tax incentives by the state to locate there). Oklahoma has seen a rather precipitous drop in energy costs as well, so it’s not surprising that Google is also building a site there. Energy prices also influenced Microsoft’s decision to build in Washington state, which comes in at #10 on the list. Historically, states have tried to attract technology investments by offering tax incentives and promoting the education level of their citizens. In the future, they may also wish to tout the level of competition in their energy markets.

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Comments on “Area Energy Prices Influence Data Center Locations”

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Charles Griswold (user link) says:

Re: Uhhh...just who is actually saving energy cons

Seems to me that these deals were more about the tax breaks and lower energy COSTS…not lower USAGE.

What about using some alternate energies? What about “Don’t Be Evil”, Google?

They’re already working on lower usage; re-read the first sentence of the article. As for alternative energy, they’re doing that, too.

Pol Bueller says:

Cooling costs... Heat transfer...

Given that a major cost of of running a Data Centre is the cooling I wonder if anyone has factored in the cost benefit of relocating to a cooler region (northern states or Canada)… heck, one might even be able to sell the excess heat, or use it to heat the rest of a building…

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