Shocker: School Boards Notice That The Internet Isn't Dangerous

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While Congress has been busy rushing through all sorts of legislation to try to ban social networks from school in the name of protecting the children, it seems that they never bothered to ask schools what they thought of the internet and social networks. Instead, as politicians are known to do, they simply took the sensational headlines about the supposed “threat” of social networks as if it must be true (or, at least, as if it were the perfect opportunity for some grandstanding). However, someone who prefers to remain anonymous has passed on the news that the National School Boards Association has put out a report noting that fears concerning students on the internet are greatly exaggerated and that social networks can be quite positive for children. In surveying students, they found that most students understand the message that they should be wary of strangers online (just as they should be when walking down the street). They know not to reveal too much and they know not to go meet strangers without permission. Sure, there will always be a few exceptions, but it’s very rare. Based on this, the report says that it makes sense for schools to explore more constructive uses of social networks in educational settings, rather than worrying so much about locking them down. Of course, if some folks in Congress have their way, that won’t be possible.

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Comments on “Shocker: School Boards Notice That The Internet Isn't Dangerous”

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Casper says:


We are trying to make the world so safe that natural selection can’t do it’s job. Parents need to be responsible for raising smarter kids, rather then all the kids being punished by losing access to the internet.

Finally they are coming around and realizing that the internet isn’t the danger, but rather the poor parenting of those kids who get them selves into trouble.

zcat says:

Kids photos on the web...

I was recently contacted by someone from the Ministry of Education asking about a FLOSS CD I used to maintain. It’s 8 months since I last updated it so I referred them to OpenCD..

The guy also made some (imho rather creepy) comments about having Cairo’s picture on the website; apparently there are pedophiles about who search the web for photos of children.

Later that same afternoon while I was helping Destiny do her paper run I noticed that the front page photo was two local children (full names in the caption) helping clean up a nearby gully. But that’s OK because everybody knows pedophiles don’t read newspapers.

Anonymous Coward says:

I couldn’t agree more, Casper. Especially love that first statement. Parents try to let their kids grow up on their own which isn’t wrong, but they either do it too quickly or they basically say, “There is no way of getting ’round the mountain; it’s our (or my) way or no way at all.”

Unfortunately, I doubt that this is going to change Congress’ minds about it; they play too much on children safety and education. Not to mention there’s probably some God-forsaken lobbying arm at the works in a situation like this.

Welcome to America.

“‘You are free to do as we tell you!'” – Bill Hicks on the American gov’t, “Revelations”

Sanguine Dream says:

I just don't get it...

Why hasn’t anyone banned kids from going out in public at all without adult supervision yet. Oh yeah pedophiles only use the internet to stalk kids, bullying just started when the internet caught on (cyberbullying…lol), and in general all crime can be traced back to the internet.

Way to go on that whole, “protect the children” thing Congress.

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