Pump-And-Dump Scammers Move From PDF Prospectus To Excel Spreadsheets Touting Stocks

from the does-anyone-click-on-attachments? dept

Last month, we wrote about pump-and-dump stock scammers creating and sending bogus prospectus PDF files to try to trick more people into buying shares. Apparently, they’re now moving on to other attachments as well. Specifically, a few spammers are experimenting with sending spreadsheet files. It’s not clear from the article if the spreadsheets just include text hyping the stock, or if it actually includes some sort of numerical spreadsheet analysis. The security firm that spotted this spam predicts (not unreasonably) that we’ll soon see PowerPoint presentations for stock spam as well. Again, though, it makes you wonder why these stock spammers don’t turn all that energy into actually becoming stock analysts. If you’re going to go through all that work, why not be legit?

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Comments on “Pump-And-Dump Scammers Move From PDF Prospectus To Excel Spreadsheets Touting Stocks”

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Mark Grafing (user link) says:

Stock Spam

It is amazing at what length the spammers are hitting mail servers today. Though they can be heavily blocked using MailScanner and Barracuda SPAM Firewalls, the traffic generated is just plain wrong. I attribute this mostly to inept IT groups throwing a mailserver out there without securing it against open relays and adding checks and balances. Being a mail administrator is a full time job these days and it would be nice have some laws in place to “put the spammer in the slammer” I am thankful they are not snail mailing it to me at the cost of natural resources. I quote “The Tick” on this one…”Evil doers mend your wicked ways!”

Matthew says:

Not Corporate Servers

This is not the work of a bumbling IT dept. This is the work of a widespread zombie-net. The average home users have to become more educated and vigilent against infections which allow their systems to pump out a couple thousand message before the respective Abuse dept can disable the modem. Then the scammer moves to the next batch of zombies.

I would suspect the attachments to have viruses attached to claim even more zombies to make the next wave even bigger, and so on. The margin of suckers then increases even as the percentage becomes lower.

Get your firewall up, antivirus up-to-date, and don’t open strange email.

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