Chips Continue To Fall For Semiconductor Industry

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Last month, The Semiconductor Industry Association put out an ominous forecast for the chip sector, slashing growth estimates from 10% to 1.8% over the coming year. Not surprisingly, the carnage in the industry seems to be spreading. An industry group for the makers of semiconductor equipment says sales will only rise by 1% this year, following growth of 23% last year, and a turnaround doesn’t look likely over the next few years, as gains are expected to be anemic. This industry is cyclical, so many of these companies have seen downturns like this in the past, but taken with other bits of evidence, a broader downturn may be in the offing.

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Comments on “Chips Continue To Fall For Semiconductor Industry”

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Shalkar says:

Yes indeed!

Other than what Trent said, I’d have to say it’s also because the economy itself is, speaking generally, on the down. Computers are moving more and more from “want” to “need”, but it’s still technically a “want” item. The majority are happy to pay for their basics and then, if they work full time and are barely ever home to enjoy it, they have some cable television on top of that.

Of course though, my only experience is being around and talking to the people in my state: West Virginia.

My state sucks. Big time. Hopefully I’ll be out soon! 😉

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