Microsoft Acknowledges That There Are Other Search Engines Out There, Sort Of

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Last month, a much-hyped partnership between and Google turned out to be a real snoozer, when it was revealed that the tie-up would simply offer customers a better way to manage their AdWords campaigns. One aspect of the deal that was troubling was that it belied the myth that all these various web services are so easily mashed up. After all, why should have to sign a deal with Google to offer AdWords management? Ideally, any company would be able to offer this functionality. Today, Microsoft announced enhancements to its own AdManager service, which allows users to manage advertising campaigns on Microsoft’s search. Now, however, customers can buy ads for Live search and for It’s really great that Microsoft is taking this big tent approach, acknowledging that there are other search engines out there that customers would like to buy ads on, but it’s still missing a couple — Google and Yahoo come to mind. Ultimately, if it wants AdManager to be a valuable service, then it should allow customers to manage as many different campaigns as they want, through any search engine. This piecemeal approach, allowing customers to buy ads on different Microsoft-approved sites, isn’t going to get the company very far in its software plus services strategy.

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Comments on “Microsoft Acknowledges That There Are Other Search Engines Out There, Sort Of”

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Craig Ferrante (user link) says:

Atleast they tried

Atleast Microsoft is giving you a option now. Id like to see google and yahoo give you the full control of the 3rd party advertising sites not just the option to turn ads on or off to 3rd party sites.

I use the big 3 to advertise on and google i feel is the easiest to manage then microsoft and then yahoo. Tried ask’s and went back to google to manage those ads…

business says:

I find it intresting that many of the people in the tech world today, wouldn’t have their current jobs if it wasnt for a Microsoft product. Would these also be the same people badmouthing Microsoft every chance they get? or would the one’s who are flinging their insults be those of a generation who do not yet have six-figure incomes.

As always though, there are exceptions to every rule – but with 90% desktop-share in a tech-driven world, makes anyone who knows the in’s & out’s of Microsoft products, much more richer than the person who does not – or – will not educate themselves in such.

Business as usual…

The Grapevine (user link) says:

open standard, open search, open mind

We applaud Microsoft on their learning that the world does not revolve around them, especially in Search.

It is important that your customer has choice and simplicity when using any tools, thus allowing is a step in the right direction. Ignoring Google and Yahoo is obviously a childish taunt, and shows pretty well that those 2 Search engines are the most popular over MS Live services.

Keep in mind that is part of the Barry Diller empire, as is Expedia whch used to belong to MS, and thus Microsoft is more easily able to adopt them as an added search component on AdManager.

But sooner or later, if Microsoft expects to make any headway with this search advertising service they will have to admit Google and Yahoo to the party.

Meanwhile its business as usual in Redmond, keeping heads in the sand, ignoring popular wisdom, and not allowing much consumer choice.

Haywood says:

Baffles me how it is going to work

Google isn’t a verb for nothing. I don’t personally know anyone who still uses anything else. The only reason the others still exist is inertia. I do use MS search once every time I install Windows, when IE comes up the first time. IE
defaults to MS, where I promptly search for Google then make it the home page. One more search for Firefox, now I’m IE free except for the occasional Firefox unfriendly site. Download the Google tool bar and Ad-block and I’m good to go. Ads? what ads.

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