Former ATI Chief Quits AMD, Signalling An Unhappy Marriage

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One of the biggest losers in the tech world right now is AMD, which has been getting its clock cleaned by Intel. Just a year ago, AMD was taking market share away from Intel, and with its acquisition of graphics chip maker ATI, it was supposed to establish technological supremacy over its much larger rival. But that dream has turned into a nightmare. The company announced today that David Orton, ATI’s former CEO, would be stepping down, as plans to integrate the two companies’ technology has been going slowly. Orton insists that he’s still optimistic about AMD’s chances (whatever that’s worth), but it definitely appears that the company bit off way more than it could chew, in trying to do a major acquisition while simultaneously getting itself into a brutal price war with Intel.

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Comments on “Former ATI Chief Quits AMD, Signalling An Unhappy Marriage”

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Dave says:

Nice Spin

Can you really expect that just a year after an acquisition takes place that everything will be working together smoothly? It takes years of development to put a product out on the market. So you saying that the “dream has turned into a nightmare” is just plain stupid. Looking at the current roadmaps that AMD has put out we start to see the fusing of the GPU and CPU within the next two years. A timetable that any sane person would expect.

And when a company gets acquired, the ceo usually does step down so it really isn’t that unexpected.

Yo-Joe says:

Re: Re: Someone Like Intel

Where did I say that I disagreed? Joe’s article is completely bashing instead of maybe, I don’t know, consider the fact that mergers don’t make miracles. By the tone of the article it sounds like he is laughing at AMD and is twidling his fingers like an evil mastermind.
BTW, way to show your intelligence by using colorful language.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Someone Like Intel

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GoblinJuice says:

I’ll be blunt: I used to be an ATI fanboy, but now I’m starting to consider switching. The delays with the Radeon HD 2900XT, the (currently) craptacular Vista drivers, and the killing of the AiW line….

It’s just too damn much. I can’t take it anymore.

$450 bones for a card with craptacular drivers? Give me a friggin’ break!

I want every SOB involved in this abortion FIRED!

I should have known the whole thing was going south when there was talk of the AiW line being axed.


Anonymous Coward says:

AMD has been the underdog before. They’ve made a few mistakes and have learned from them. I personally prefer AMD chips over Intel any day. I know they’re not the absolute fastest thing around, but for the price, who cares? Plus it seems to be easier to put AMD systems together because although there are plenty of options for components, there isn’t a bazillion different choices like for Intel systems.

I once tried to spec out an Intel Core 2 Duo system on Newegg, and I quickly got lost in the maze of parts. And as I wandered around trying to find good combinations of parts, I realized that the price was not looking favorable and quickly shifted gear back to an Athlon 64 X2 system.

I don’t know if the ATI merger is a good thing or not, and personally I don’t really care much about it because I will take nVidia (motherboard and graphic card chipsets both) over ATI any day. Always have, probably always will. However, I do know that it is WAAAAAAAAAAY too early to make any intelligent claim about the effect it is having on AMD. Two companies don’t just merge together instantly and hit the ground running.

My company recently went through a merger process of a much smaller scale than AMD/ATI, and it took over a year for the dust to settle. Even now, more than a year and a half later, the finer details are still being worked out. Honestly, give it half a chance, and I bet AMD will get back in the ring again and put up yet another good fight. And if nothing else, it’s always more fun to cheer on the underdog. Remember, if we lose AMD, Intel will reign supreme, and chip prices will go through the roof due to a monopolistic stranglehold.

Anonymous Coward says:

What amd needs to do is make an onboard grapics chipset thats worth a damn. Make an onboard graphics chipset that can actually play games in a thin and light notebook. Intels onboard stuff is worthless. Then Amd will be golden. I still haven’t found a thin and light notebook that I can play games with without a lag. I know there not designed for that they are designed for battery life and portability for the “businessmen” so I may be the only one that wants a thin and light powerhouse.. or am I ?

rob smith says:

ati IS the LOSER

ATI has been fucking ignoring all its clients for years!
Calls to its support center amount to nothing!
Its CATALYST and MEDIA CENTER software is full of fucking bugs that crash windows all the time.
I have their 9600x AIW card which would work fine as long as the morons who write the software at ATI knew what the fuck they were doing!
ATI is a prime example of a computer hardware and software company who doesn not give a flying fuck about anyone who uses their products.
That, to me is a reason to dump their sorry ass in the gutter and use ANYTHING else BUT anything made or written by them!
Now who out there agrees with me!?

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