TIC's Picks: How Can Others Respond To The iPhone

from the iphone-analysis dept

Since it’s “iPhone Day,” and there have been a ton of stories about the iPhone that focus on the wrong thing (“oh look, shiny new toy!”), we thought it would be good to consider the more important impact that the iPhone will have on the mobile phone ecosystem — and who better to dive in and provide the analysis than our very own Techdirt Insight Community. As is standard with the diverse group of experts in the Techdirt Insight Community, we received fantastic, detailed, well thought-out analysis that goes a lot deeper than most of what’s coming out today. Here is the best analysis from the experts within the community:

There’s plenty to chew on here, from a variety of different perspectives — so for those of you hoping to dig in and understand what changes the iPhone will unleash on the market, we hope this is a good starting point. If you would like to get further analysis from these experts, along with other experts within the Techdirt Insight Community, please let us know.

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Comments on “TIC's Picks: How Can Others Respond To The iPhone”

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skinnedmink says:

Does it all go back to itunes?

In reading the marketing article I now see a different face to the reasons behind the iphone. If Apple gets to control the phone and software on the device it could possibly limit ringtone sales by the service provider. So the question becomes does this all go back to Apple trying to maintain a firm grasp over the sale of digital music?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Does it all go back to itunes?

iTunes is pushing to open up. They’re being forced to have DRM on their stuff. EMI let them sell DRM-Free stuff and iTunes did so. If the record labels let them sell DRM-Free material, Apple can’t have a controlled grasp on the market. You would no longer need to buy an iPod to use iTunes.

As it stands, iTunes is one of the best music stores available. Its easy to use and has an extremely large library. However, Universal may pull out, so that could cause some headaches.

Another BigEd says:

Re: Re: Fools....

You’ll no longer have to go through the MS headaches. You’ll now have another whole bunch of headaches to deal with. And to top that all off with “What Apple Says is what Apple people have to deal with”. You’re locked in and don’t have the freedom of choice us regular PC users have.

Brian says:


I have to admit…I am a diehard Apple fan and have not been disappointed by any of their products. That being said, I had exactly zero interest in getting an iPhone having been out of contract for years on Cingular. I went this weekend to check out the phone and I have to say it was awesome. I went home and ordered one up.

But on topic, these was a great series of articles. I’m too stupid to have thought that stuff on my own and it’s refreshing to see some insightful news that doesn’t originate from either side’s camp. Bravo.

Joe Hunkins (profile) says:


Despite the criticism the iPhone is *very, very good* technology – I’d say it’s the breakthrough in terms of bringing “decent computing” to a handheld device.

Google’s entry should create some powerful competition for similar devices. The big loser here will be Treo. As a user I’m uninspired by the Treo with a too-small screen and poor rural connectivity. They’ll have to change their game to adapt to iPhone, and it does not appear that’s happening.

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