Prince Charles Latest To Lose Data From Laptop Theft

from the breach-of-the-crown dept

It’s a little hard to imagine an identity thief trying to pass themselves off as Prince Charles, but as reader Jimmy alerts us, the heir to the throne did have personal data on a laptop that was stolen from his accountant. Apparently, the Prince is quite worried about the loss. At this point, it hardly needs repeating that it’s a bad idea to keep personal data directly on laptops, given the ease with which they can be stolen. While the Prince probably doesn’t have too much to worry about, we just hope he’s been offered a free year’s worth of credit monitoring to alleviate his anguish.

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Comments on “Prince Charles Latest To Lose Data From Laptop Theft”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Free monitoring for a year?

Damn right. If I were going to steal an identity the last thing I’d want to do is steal the identity of a famous person.

And what’s with all these “first” posts coming back? This was a real problem about a year ago or so but it had quieted down and now it is back. Can’t the people running this site just delete them?

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Extreme Measures

Why not just behead every one who commits identity theft.
You would only be assisting with their assuming a new identity as you would be removing a large part of theirs.
And while us US people (or our government I should say) is at the shoving our beliefs down other countries throats (can you tell I don’t agree with some things they do?), why not just make a portable execution force who can go into other countries and carry out our law to behead them anywhere on earth.

Just in case its not obvious yet, I am not being serious (except about being ashamed these days to be an American).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Extreme Measures

Why? Because “born Americans” shouldn’t be ashamed their government

– is trampling the rights of the citizens they’re supposed to represent
– started a war for bogus reasons and continues to lie about every facet of said war
– wasn’t able to handle the aftermath of nature’s force in the south


you’re absolutely right, those things are nothing any citizen should be ashamed about to have on their country/government ‘s achievement list…(just to make sure: I was being highly sarcastic)

Unless of course you meant: any (born) American should be so patriotic and brainwashed that he/she is unable to objectively make up a balance of his/her government’s “accomplishments” and pass moral judgment on said balance?

monty python sketch says:

Some cheese please.. I’m Prince Charles..

“You’re not Prince Charles! He was just here! Go to the back of the line!”

“I am too!”

“no.. Prince Charles is a midget from Lancashire, and he showed me his laptop – he bought a pound of mozarrela.. good tipper too!”

(PC) – “that’s my laptop!”

(frumpy lady) – “I’m Prince Charles and I want some Edam!”

(dead parrot) – “no I’m Prince Charles!”

(everyone) – “Prince Prince Prince Spam Prince and Spam!”

john says:


Not that I should have to give you a history lesson… but… Many people like you think that the war was over when we pushed Iraq out of Kuwait. It was not over it was a cease fire. One of the many agreements made to reach said cease fire was the inspection for WMA’s… Now it doesn’t take much higher than a 70 IQ to figure out that if you refuse to submit to an inspection to make sure you arent hiding WMA’s eventually your door is going to get busted down and troops will come in and inspect anyway.

Now come on people are you saying that Husein should have been left to continue how he was? You sound like you belong in the same group that if we had been hit by one of his WMA’s would be calling for heads to roll for not going in and kicking ASS.

Go read your history books and come back when you figure out the comparisons between Hitler, Stalin and Husein.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:


AC from post #10 put it very very nicely.
I am a born American.
I just hate whats happening to our once great country where people throw away their rights out of fear in the name of “security”.
Corruption is probably at its highest rate.
In 1994 the government wasted about 3 billion dollars with worthless pork barreling. In 2004, it was about 30 billion.
That was out of Reader’s Digest.
Don’t recall which one, I think it was March or April’s 2007 issue?

Re John #13, I have no clue who you are talking about risking their lives to be an American Citizen, unless you are talking about those living in Detroit.
Lots of people risk their lives to protect America and its citizens. I think that is what you meant? Please be more clear as your statement seems very odd.

Re John #14, Well, considering that our current “fearless” “leader” used a “connection” between the terrorists and Husein as a major reason to go in, maybe you should re-think your argument. I do not discount that the WMAs did have a role to play, I am just saying, it was not the only reason. And the main reason used to rally support, was a lie.
Please go and look up the similarities between Hitler and GW Bush. There is more there than one would expect to find, but thats because we are SUPPOSED to be the “good guys”.

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday, made me laugh quite a bit.
“Hey GW, when Clinton lied, nobody died”
There was also another I just saw this morning,
“War makes enemies faster than anyone can kill them”
Funny stuff, but oh so true.

Politics are so pointless to argue about, both sides get angry, and nobody EVER changes their mind.

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