10 Things Viacom Hates About Fair Use

from the dolphin-trolling dept

In Viacom’s ongoing massive effort to takedown infringing videos on YouTube, it’s no surprise that plenty of legitimate clips are “accidentally” caught in the dragnet. Of course, that doesn’t make it legal. Demanding a takedown on non-infringing content goes against the DMCA. After being sued about a takedown on one such video, Viacom has promised to be much better about such “dolphins” (content accidentally caught). The EFF is noting that the super popular 10 Things I Hate About Commandments video was caught in the net. On the recommendation of the EFF, the creators of the video made use of the special “hotline” that Viacom set up and the video was put back online. Of course, that’s still four full days with the video offline, despite being perfectly legal. Of course, almost exactly a year ago, Jim Harper was using this video as an example of why derivative works are great and shouldn’t be outlawed. So, with that in mind, since the video is back up on YouTube, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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