Canadian Politicians Make Up Costs Of Piracy Just To Support Push For Stricter Laws

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Aren’t politicians wonderful? It’s no secret that the Big Content lobby has been pushing for much more restrictive copyright laws up in Canada, but it’s still fairly stunning to see what they’ve convinced the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (made up Canadian politicians) to put into a report about piracy issues. Not one to shy away from biasing an entire report with an outlandish (and simply incorrect) title, the committee went with this stunner: “Counterfeiting and Piracy are Theft.” That, of course, is simply not true. It may be illegal, but it’s quite different than theft — and no one who says they’re the same is ever going to create a reasonable policy concerning the issue. But, then there’s the real kicker. The Committee admits that it really has no idea how big a problem this is, admitting that all it has are “at best, very crude estimates.” So what does it do? It basically picks a number at random. The committee chose an OECD report from 1998, despite the fact that the OECD itself just came out with a report showing that the real cost of piracy and counterfeiting is much lower. Then, once it had the completely chosen at random $600 billion number, the committee basically says “wow, that’s a big number, we’d better pass a bunch of much stricter laws to deal with it.” You would think that someone might pause to note that the push for stronger laws is based on a reported (and disputed number) that the same group admits isn’t at all accurate — but that apparently involves holding two thoughts in your head at once.

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Comments on “Canadian Politicians Make Up Costs Of Piracy Just To Support Push For Stricter Laws”

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Earl says:

Canadian Politicians Make Up Costs Of Piracy Just

No kiddding, am I supposed to be surprise at this revelation. Both industry and Gov are really good at useing scare tactics to vacum more money out od the pockets of taxpayers. You have a leagal right to make a backup of your software, is that piracy? I think not, but the makers of most software do not, and will never give you the abillity to do so, and in their attemt to limit you “owned” copy of their software they are denying you that same right. The only reason that they do that , is so that when the disk gets dammaged or worn out, guess what , you have to spend more monet to buy a new one instead of using the backup copy that you have a legal right to make. The only reason is like all the other power mongers out there “MONEY” period……….

T.J. says:


Pizza companies are losing an estimated $600 billion from people making their own pizzas at home. Instead of say, making better pizza at more competitive prices, they instead claim they own rights to all pizza everywhere. So let’s make pizza that you can’t heat in a microwave, then sue customers for still using the microwave, then give lots of pizza to politicians so they pass more pizza restrictive laws. So instead of actually doing anything to help our failing pizza business, all we have done is piss off alot of people.

Kevin says:

re: Pizza

The pizza analogy is not even the same thing. You are talking about product comparison/shopping, i.e. a consumer can either buy a pizza from Pizza Hut, or buy a Digorno pizza from the store. The consumer has a choice. There is nothing illegal about that. What the government is trying to do is limit the illegal activity regarding piracy of digital content. Two entirely different things.

Harry says:

Restrictive copyright laws

I like Earl’s comment. Just what happens to all this software with faulty media? Or software that’s authenticity code is lost? Just swept under the rug.

This, and other legislation like it, shows Harper and the Conservatives will do anything to avoid browning off the U.S. Reminds me of Mulrooney and his dance with Reagan, which resulted in the ‘Free Trade’ deal, something all Canadians hate. Let’s put a dollar figure on that. Hmmmm – how about 600 billion?

Michael says:

Whining never solves anything.

The solution to all this is simple. If you don’t like what the industry is doing , don’t buy their products. Don’t buy CD’s or DVD’s distributed by any company that has dealings with MPIAA or RIAA, don’t go to the theater to watch movies, and for the love of god write or email your local constituents. Its really that simple. I know that this is falling on deaf ears because most people will simply whine about it and do nothing and if you are one of these, you are part of the problem and might as well just move to the US and live amongst the sheep. The only way to stop these criminals is to hit them in the pocketbooks, because its the money they care about, not you, or the industry, or the artists. So PLEASE stand up and fight back! I mean you don’t even have to get off your chair and walk to a mailbox anymore! Send emails! DO SOMETHING!

glitch says:

#6's solution is a joke..because of people

I haven’t been to a movie theater since “Ghost”..1988??
I haven’t owned a VCR almost just as long
The only DVD I have is needed for software [now Linux]
I only buy used cd’s
Because of ClearChannel/Live Nation, I don’t own a radio or attend concerts.

The entertainment industry is not tramping on anyone’s rights. Your right is to pay/buy or not. How much easier can it be ??

Software ?? I have been using OpenOffice for quite a few years. I will not go to Vista, I am switching to Linux. Maybe you lose a bit of compatibility and ease of use, but it is an acceptable level for me, and not as great as it used to be.

And to quote the article: “just move to the US and live amongst the sheep”. I was born, raised, live and will die in the US. And i am looked at as a crackpot.

glitch says:

and i forgot the other point:

I was born, raised, live and will die in the US.

And why exactly should I care about Canadians, the EU, the UN, or anyone/anyplace else.

I am 3rd generation “american”. my “roots” are England and Germany. I have no desire to visit either country. I have never applied for a VISA or passport. I live close to Niagra Falls. I’ve never been compelled to watch a bunch of water falling off of a cliff. But if I were, what exactly is the difference between the US vs the canadian side ???

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