Semel Ousted From Top Spot At Yahoo

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The long simmering shareholder disappointment in Yahoo CEO Terry Semel has finally resulted in his ouster as the company announced that co-founder Jerry Yang would assume the CEO position, relegating Semel to the role of non-executive chairman. Rumors of Semel’s demise have been buzzing loudly over the last few days, following the company’s tempestuous shareholder meeting last week. The return of Yang to the top spot has echoes of Dell and Apple, both of which turned to their founders to revive flagging fortunes. In Apple’s case, the move was an unbridled success, while the fate of Dell remains to be seen. Obviously, Yahoo has been bloodied pretty badly over the last few years, as it’s watched Google assume online prominence. Getting rid of Semel is probably a good first step, since it didn’t seem like he had a coherent turnaround plan (or even a strong understanding of the industry), but it’s going to take a lot more than that to right the ship.

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Comments on “Semel Ousted From Top Spot At Yahoo”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

> Who, except for industry insiders, really cares? Is that the constituency of this site?

Considering that this story is dominating techmeme and seems to be at the top of just about every tech related site… uh, yeah, I’d say a lot of people care, including the constituency of this site. This is pretty big news.

thinlizzy151 (user link) says:


I doubt that anyone outside of Wall Street or who gets their paycheck from Yahoo really gives much of a damn what happens to them. They don’t offer anything that you can’t get elsewhere(usually meaning Google). Pioneers, which Yahoo certainly was, often fall by the wayside, left behind by those who never would have existed had it not been for them. So it goes. I never even think of them in reference to search, Ask is where it’s at when Google isn’t enough. Google beats the hell out of them for web-based mail. These guys really need something, or they’re going to end up like Detroit, a forgotten shadow of former glory. Nobody misses Plymouth, and nobody will miss Yahoo.

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