Do Governments Actually Think Banning Flickr Is Effective?

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The news that the Chinese government is banning access to Flickr spread pretty quickly, and wasn’t all that surprising, given China’s constant internet filtering. However, it’s a bit more surprising to hear rumors that Germany is limiting access to Flickr as well (right after Flickr launched a German version as well). It’s unclear what various government think they’re accomplishing when they try to ban or limit a site like Flickr. It’s just images — and those images can (and will) be posted in many different places. Blocking this one site won’t stop images from becoming available on other sites, and constantly trying to ban or limit each and every site the government doesn’t like isn’t going to be possible. It’s just going to make more people wonder what the governments are afraid of.

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Comments on “Do Governments Actually Think Banning Flickr Is Effective?”

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ReallyEvilCanine (profile) says:

German law

As mp_spuck wrote, this is being done by Yahoo, I assume preemptively in order not to find themselves in yet another stupid case brought by an overly eager prosecutor. One problem is that here in Germany, tits are fine; it’s violence that’s evil and hardcore sex which is restricted. Films with excessive, gratuitous violence get censored. Films with full frontal nudity are shown on TV.

As to the displaying of Nazi symbols, that restriction is limited to “promoting Nazism”. When shown in the context of scholarly or historical works, films, photos, etc., any and all icons, symbols and emblems can be displayed. Hell, even Hogan’s Heroes has run here, though they changed the opening and closing music to a no-drum, non-marching and non-militaristic style.

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