Court Teaches Carol Burnett A Little Something About Parody

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Back in March, we noted the irony of famed comedian Carol Burnett suing the producers of the TV show Family Guy after the show included a brief parody of one of Burnett’s famous characters. After all, Burnett should know all about parody — including the fact that it’s protected free speech. Unfortunately, it looks like this lesson in parody had to be taught to Burnett by a judge, who explained that there was absolutely nothing illegal in what the TV show did, no matter “how distasteful and offensive the segment is to Ms. Burnett.”

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Comments on “Court Teaches Carol Burnett A Little Something About Parody”

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billy says:

Re: Re:

Is this Tech Dirt or Hollywood dirt?

I’m missing the tech in this artical. Shouldn’t this be on E or some entertainment news site where I fortunatly would never see or hear of it?


Parody and technology go hand in hand, especially if you’ve ever used Microsoft Windows.

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