More People Coming To Terms With Their Spam Filled Email Boxes

from the could-be-worse dept

A new study suggests that while spam continues to increase, people are less likely to complain about it. Of course, plenty of people are still complaining. The study shows that only 28% of people say spam doesn’t bother them, up from 16%. However, that still means that there are 72% of people out there who aren’t at all happy about the spam in their inbox. What isn’t clear from the article, though, is how many of the people who have come to terms with spam are actually clicking and buying from it — because that’s where it becomes a nuisance for the rest of us. If people actually learned to ignore spam, then spam wouldn’t be such a profitable enterprise and would hopefully start to decrease.

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Comments on “More People Coming To Terms With Their Spam Filled Email Boxes”

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Koresho says:

Gmail = King

I agree with #2 I have had Gmail ever since it was invite only and their spam controls have only gotten better. Now I have been using the same email address for about seven months and I NEVER get spams in my inbox- they all go to spam folder. You know why?
Gmail shares its anti-spam database with all users of gmail. Therefore, when enough users block a certain address because of spam it gets blocked google-wide (or so I was told). This makes for an extremely effective spam filter.
Couple that with virtually unlimited storage and a easy to use interface, well you have one hell of a email service.

Endojoe says:

Gmail is where it's at

I agree on the Gmail. It’s been my primary email account for 2 years as of next month, I have dozens of online bill pay and login accounts and use that address everywhere, i might get 1 spam that makes it through to my inbox every month…over 1000 in my spam folder a month. Only two instances where messages I actually wanted ended up marked as spam, and I found them and fixed it in about 10 seconds. Get Gmail. Nearly 3 gigs of storage now too. 😎 Everybody knows somebody that they can get an invite from…just ask.

joe (user link) says:

gmail fo' sheezy

like probably almost everyone else who reads this blog (preaching to the choir, anyone?) Gmail does me just fine. Spam is not a problem at all for me.

And I’ve converted lots of people. Grandparents, in-laws, other friends. If they’re not willing to give up their ISP account, like most of them have, then I just set up POP or forwarding inside gmail. So gmail goes and checks their mail, filters it, then they can download it from gmail. Or if their ISP allows forwarding, I just forward it to their gmail and download it. This way, they can keep their old addresses, and their old and new gmail addresses will both work, but no more spam.

Sergey says:

Keep on Gmailing

So I guess the answer is that spam is as bad as ever, but we don’t notice it because we all have Gmail. And fyi to #6 endojoe– you don’t need referrals anymore to get Gmail. Re: #5 who says set up junk-mail account and then don’t give out home email address to anyone but family. Well, I initially thought the same way & that’s why I got the gmail account. Soon I realized that their spam filter is almost 100% effective, and now I give out my gmail address to family too. I’d like to use Gmail for my business email, b/c whatever spam filtering my office uses does not work as well as gmail!

Nick says:

ISP Accounts aren't so bad, if you have an ISP tha

I run an ISP, and it’s a bit frustrating. I’ve got some of the best anti-spam software on the market (Cloudmark). My work email address has been around 5 years, and is on plenty of trade rag lists and who knows how many times it’s been scraped off our website. I *might* get 5 spams in my inbox per *week*. The mail server blocks the other several thousand outright.

A lot of ISP’s have stepped up and significantly improved their antispam software, but the users don’t notice because they switched to ‘web mail’ services years ago and don’t even think to give their ISP’s a second chance.

Steve says:

Almost Forgot..

If you are afraid that you won’t get that one important solicited e-mail due to the SPAM folder picking it up. It doesn’t happen. Anything I wasnt to get through the SPAM blocker Does Automatically.

With Hotmail it seems like I get all the SPAM in my e-mail and the rare piece of mail that I want is thrown into the Trash.

mike allen says:

why cant we

When we get junk mail through the snail mail we tend to hold on to them then after we get enough (about a week ) we write the details of letter A in the reply box of letter B then continue until all those who have sent us junk mail get loads of junk mail them selves they dont stop coming but revenge is sweet.

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