Last Call For Bud.TV

from the bottom-of-the-bottle dept

Last year, Budweiser announced that it would launch its own online video channel called Bud.TV, featuring a range of original content targeted to the company’s young male demographic. While the project was hailed as ambitious, it was always going be a challenge to make it a site that users would actually want to go to on a regular basis. Making things even harder was the issue of age verification, which had lawmakers breathing down the company’s neck. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see that the company may soon pull the plug on the site and redeploy its content elsewhere around its web properties. Still, while Bud.TV may have been a failure in terms of brand building, the company now has more experience about what works (or at least what doesn’t work) on the web. If it takes this lesson and keeps on experimenting, which it sounds like the company wants to do, the project won’t represent a total waste.

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Comments on “Last Call For Bud.TV”

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Monarch says:

Well I can see why it failed. It’s almost impossible to get into the site. For some reason the site needs to verify your name and zip code of your driver’s license from what you type in. Well, I don’t know what happened, but it didn’t take mine, and the only other way to get in to the site, is to fax a copy of the DL to them.
No wonder it failed.

slimcat (profile) says:

Brand building

Perhaps if they spent some time learning how to make a ‘good’ beer, rather than carbonated horse piss, they wouldn’t have to be concerned about attracting more customers with gimmicks. Budweiser, the Microsoft of beer.

For you bud fans: Yeah, they sell a lot of beer, but only because it’s cheap and ubiquitous. It’s still horse piss.

T.J. says:

It's not that bad...

Sure it’s not the best beer out there, by a longshot. I consider somewhat of a beer “collector”, I have over 100 different bottles of “rare” beer, plus all the commercialized ones in my room (only in college eh?). Anyway I don’t mind Budweiser, it wets the whistle when your low on cash. Great beer? No. Horse Piss? No

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