'Push Ringtones' Establish A Whole New Level Of Pointlessness

from the no-there's-a-great-idea dept

As ringtone sales begin to fall, the mobile content industry searches for something else to sell people. They’ve tried ringback tones — which replace the regular ringing noise callers hear with a song — and even endtones — snippets of songs to let you know your call has ended. Unsurprisingly, these haven’t really sold too well. But brace yourself for an even more useless idea: “push ringers”. Push ringers are ringtones that get pushed to your phone by whoever’s calling you, meaning they’d get to control the sound your phone makes when you receive a call. While such an idea holds a fascinating potential for abuse, it’s hard to imagine very many people willing to cede control of their ringtone to whoever happens to call them. Never mind the technological barriers to the idea, the sociological ones make it bound to fail.

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Comments on “'Push Ringtones' Establish A Whole New Level Of Pointlessness”

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Nasty Old Geezer says:

Re: Screw that!!

No way in hell do I accept this crap. But, the cell phone companies could make a lot of money on an arms race — extra price to push the ringtones (paid by caller) and extra price to block the damn things (paid by the victims).

The only way to stop is to drop the carrier instantly if they offer the push service.

Rick says:

If they pay me?

I too see this as an idea that will probably fail. But, if I were paid to ‘accept’ ring tones – maybe.

If I get $1, every time my phone rings and a jingle for cola or a television show plays – perfect. I’d assume my provider would screen them for vulgarity, etc. I had 120 incoming calls/rings last month – I’d relish the check for $120 to pay my cell phone bill with.

Maybe they’d even let me be picky and choose who to promote for 50c a ring?

They could Google-ize it and set it up as an auction – the users set their lowest acceptable ring price and the rings flow…

I can’t see much money in it for phone companies without hundreds of advertisers, but I still think their first idea that consumers would pay for this feature is idiotic.

Advertisers, on the other hand, do rather well paying for the web – why not our phone service too?

Anonymous Coward says:

I actually like the idea

Actually, I kind of like the idea. I think there could be some safety measures of course, to prevent creative minds from bullying me with abuse tones, but I would definetly like to let my friends submit their own tones for my phone.

I know they could just email me a ringtone or something, but I am lazy.

Wolfger (profile) says:

I can actually see potential for this.

If I can turn off my voice mail (allow the phone to ring forever) and have my computer at home call me on Skype while streaming my music collection as the pushtone… Instant cell-to-iPodWannabe conversion!

Of course, as so many people point out (and Fat Tony does it wonderfully), the potential for abuse is far greater.

Enrico Suarve (user link) says:

Absolutely Fucknuts

I can this being abused so easily (yup I WOULD ring you with a “thanks for the blowjob” message while you’re having dinner at your grans)

I can also picture more advertisers with the Intel-alike jingle ringing then just hanging up all the time – basically free advertising since there would never be an actual call

On the other hand this will take bandwidth to transmit meaning you’ll likely start getting charged for calls you make whether they go through or not and calls will take longer to connect

So an utterly annoying service with no real redeeming factors – sounds perfect for the telecoms industry, I bet verizon are chomping at the bit

Overcast says:

Yeah, it sounds like a bad idea indeed. Although it might be funny if you knew a CEO’s cell number to push some tune from Lords of Acid or something during a board meeting, lol.

I guess, it’s a fine idea – IF you have the option of overriding and using only the ringtones you prefer. Frankly, most ringtones other than the ‘standard’ ones, just annoy me.

Bobshaker says:

I don’t know how some advertisers call me when im that no-call list thing. I get sms without warning when I don’t have that in my service which means I pay extra. So theres the advertising annoyance of it. Furthermore, I can count quite a number of ppl who would abuse that to annoy me. For some reason they don’t like the fact that I say they’re stupid….well they are. So I wouldn’t want ‘die, motherf***er’ blare from my phone in a public situation. Hilarious though, the scene would be.

Bobshaker says:

They cell-to-ipod conversion is a good idea. So is getting paid for letting your phone be used for advertising.But…

How can they make any ringtone be heard?
Firstly the phone should support that format. Then, shouldn’t the phone hold the ringtone itself? On the phone memory no less, to play it? Even if they transmit it…what’s the use if the phones on silent or vibrate? My phone is on vibrate a lot of times. Thats just a waste. Its quite a dumb idea really…except I can prank the hell out of a lot of ppl. That would be fun.

James says:


I’m all for creativity, but what bored “gotta get earnings up somehow” moron thought this up?

Push me a ring tone? Uhmm… no. I liked the idea of being paid to accept them, though 😉

Here’s a money-making idea for the telecoms. Sell us the home, mobile and work phone #s of anyone who sends spam so we can all call them and bother them the same way they bother us. I’d pay .50 a call to tell them to F*** OFF! 🙂

Emotel says:

It's Called "Permission"

I am familiar with the prototype. What is not mentioned in the press is that the Push Ringers operate exclusively in a “closed circuit”, i.e., between the buddies listed in the user’s address book . . . and the user can instantly disable harassing callers on an individual basis or from time to time. So, essentially, it provides a much more intrusive type of calling between known peers in a private social network.

Buzz says:


I thought of this very concept a few months back. I knew it would be a horrible idea because I too immediately began imagining the implications behind someone’s dirty music blaring out of MY cell phone. I’m perfectly happy with my Legend of Zelda ringtone that I selected. Why would I want others to override that? I choose specific ringtones for people (again, MY choice) such as my wife.

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