Chinese Official Blames Internet For Youth Crime

from the playing-the-blame-game dept

A reader alerted us to this bizarre story that a Chinese official is blaming youth crime on the internet. It seems like a clear case of confusing correlation with causation: “In recent years from the cases we have discovered, the proportion of young people guilty of cheating, rape or robbery who are given to using the Internet or have been corrupted by online filth, is very high. Our preliminary figures for arrested youth criminals is that almost 80 percent of them have been seduced by the Internet.” You know, in recent years, I’ve noticed that the proportion of young people guilty of cheating, rape or robbery who are given to breathing is very high. My preliminary figures suggests that 100% of them have been seduced by oxygen. Something must be done!

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Comments on “Chinese Official Blames Internet For Youth Crime”

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MadJo (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Bobshaker, why did you have to scream “first” first? That’s as lame as grabbing a newspaper in a newsstand while screaming “first”. You do know that for a moment you looked like a total jacka**? (before Mike deleted your first post)

On topic, I doubt many current governments really understand the Internet, and still hope that it will go away.
Meanwhile it makes an ideal scapegoat/vehicle for nonsensical laws for them.

squik says:

you missed the real story

Chinese officials are just as stupid as American politicians, who have also blamed the internet or video games or television or music for youth crimes.

The real story is that the Chinese government has the power to criminalize and censor information. They use lame arguments about causes of crime to control information flow. Notice the article talks about “a new campaign against Internet pornography”, but also cracks down on “rumor-spreading”, i.e. news.

Wow, that official really is stupid. Let’s laugh at him while China uses his reasoning to commit more human rights violations.

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