Sprint May Be In Trouble, But It's Got Enough Sense To Avoid Buying Vonage

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As Vonage continues to search for a way out of its Verizon-inflicted patent mess, rumors are kicking up that Sprint is in talks to buy the company, with a deal “on the table”. However, as Eric Savitz at Tech Trader Daily points out, it’s quite hard to see Sprint inserting themselves into the situation before the litigation runs its course, while Vonage’s poor prospects for profits don’t help. It’s probably worth noting that the site fueling these rumors is a sister site of the one that was behind the speculation about a buyout of Palm — with its anonymous sources insistent that a deal was imminent. Of course, no such deal happened, and it’s unlikely there will be a deal for Vonage, either.

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Comments on “Sprint May Be In Trouble, But It's Got Enough Sense To Avoid Buying Vonage”

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Wyatt says:

No way..

There’s no way Sprint would buy out Vonage while they are in litigation that could potentially wipe them out. It is total BS that someone is pushing to get a thrill. I don’t think this story deserves to be posted. It’s only taking away from the core of the story which is that Verizon is out of control and a lame, short sited, anti-innovative company.

insomniac4104 says:

yeah sure that'd be smart one

Lets by a company that may not even exist in a month so they can take down sprint with them. Makes picking a provider a lot easier. Two less to choose from. May even provide better quality phone service and companies that can maintain the equipment rather than have multi networks and non compatible lines. The less companies may help stabilize pricing, better gov’t regulations and overall better service. So it sucks for Vonage but in the long run may be better off.

Urza says:

Re: yeah sure that'd be smart one

I hope to god that you’re kidding. That kind of shit is why there are people that pay $60 a month for 500kbps internet service, and why there are people (myself) who have to deal with uptimes less than 50% (not even exaggerating, I calculated it) for several months, because we have no other options.

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