Virus FUD Spreads To iPods

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Well-known anti-virus firm Kaspersky is no stranger to mobile malware FUD. While it usually is talking about mobile phones, the iPod is its latest target, as a post on its site proclaims “Kaspersky Lab discovers the first virus for iPod”. That’s a juicy headline, but the details really don’t live up to the hype. The virus, called Podloso, only affects iPods whose owners have gone to the trouble of installing Linux on them, while the user also has to launch the virus themselves. Kaspersky admits it’s nothing more than a proof of concept, and poses no real threat, so the headline might be technically accurate, but its awfully sensationalistic. How long before Kaspersky or another vendor starts selling firewalls and AV software for iPods?

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Comments on “Virus FUD Spreads To iPods”

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No Need says:

Like Paul said, “Kaspersky is actually a really decent company”. 95% of the people who read kaspersky’s reports are techies who probably are interested in such proof on concept virus. That being said, I don’t see ANYTHING sensational about the title chosen for the post “”Kaspersky Lab discovers the first virus for iPod”.

How much more inoculates could the title have been?!

B says:


I installed iPod Linux on my iPod photo. It added some video capabilities among other things. Although, I would call the video capabilities “novelty” at best because they needed to be converted into a special format if I remember. Plus, watching a video harshly decreased by battery life.
I also installed Linux on my old black and white iPod Mini. I tried to watch a movie, but in the end, it was a worthless experience (except now I can tell everyone I can watch videos on my iPod Mini).

And in response to #3:
It is still an iPod even with Linux installed. It still retains all iPod functions with some added (or tweaked) ones.

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