Microsoft's Suing Over Diverted Student Software… Even As It's Encouraged Similar Diversions

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There’s been a lot of press coverage the past couple of days about Microsoft filing lawsuits and sending cease-and-desist letters over specially priced software for students being diverted to retailers. By itself, the story isn’t all that interesting, but it did remind me of stories from the past few years that have suggested that Microsoft has either turned a blind eye to non-students buying student-priced software or actively trying to court non-students with the academic discounts. At the time, it seemed like Microsoft recognized that for many people, the alternative to not getting the student discount would be to either get a totally unauthorized version or move on to another platform. However, like so many other things, perhaps Microsoft’s views keep changing as it grows older.

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Comments on “Microsoft's Suing Over Diverted Student Software… Even As It's Encouraged Similar Diversions”

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USC college student says:

Re: Still isn't cheap enough!

While yes, there are college students who are starving, not ALL college students are starving college students. If that were the case, you would see much more :30min infomercials on college students rather than father-less African babies and Ethiopians.

College students should be referred by as “creative” or even “innovative”, not “helpless” or even “starving”.

Joe says:

Re: student software is very cheap.

There are two possible reasons why it’s so cheap:

1.) MS sells it to the colleges cheap, in order to help discourage piracy, and for brand recognition (to build up consumer loyalty or whatever it’s called, so the students will continue to buy MS products after they graduate).

2.) Most or all of the cost of the software is included in your tuition costs

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