WTO Again Sides With Antigua Over Online Gambling

from the ignoring-the-treaty dept

For some time we’ve been following the ongoing conflict between the US and the island nation of Antigua surrounding internet gambling. Even before the passage of the most recent anti-gambling law, Antigua had gone to the WTO to complain that the US government’s actions against online gambling were de facto protectionist measures, and thus violated international trade law. The WTO ended up siding with Antigua, although, quite predictably, the US did nothing to resolve the issue — in fact, things have only gotten worse. Now the WTO is speaking out again, slamming the US government for its failure to abide by the decision against it. Once again, it seems likely that the US will ignore the decision, although that would give Antigua the right to retaliate. One possibility that’s been thrown out there is that Antigua may turn itself into a haven for free music and software and set up some site like allofmp3.com. Of course, the US put pressure on Russia to crack down on that site, as part of the country’s admittance into the WTO, but since Antigua is already part of the organization, the US would have no such leverage.

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Comments on “WTO Again Sides With Antigua Over Online Gambling”

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Regarding WTO

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Anurag Dikshit (user link) says:

Regarding WTO


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User (user link) says:

Taxes & Competition

The real problem is the US state govt’s run their own gambling rings. They can’t directly see revenues from these offshore gambling places, so they make them illegal. Sure, the politicians will bring up addictive gambling and other calamities to make it sound like they are helping out their fellow voters. In reality, it’s all about money. If the US Govt can’t tax it, or profit it from it somehow, it must be illegal.

Norman (profile) says:

Good for Antigua

This is one of the reasons many countries hate the US. When it comes to some things we don’t live up to our obligations. I do hope Atigua makes itself a safe heaven for pirates. Maybe The Pirate Bay can base their website there? I love my country but man our political leaders do some of the dumbets things. How can you protect people from themselves? You can’t. If peopel want drugs they will find a way to get them. If they want to gamble online they will find a way. The fact the the governemnt takes damn near HALF of any lottery winnings and monitary gifts tells me the gov is not much different than the maffia. Tehy want their cut even tho they had no hand in getting you the money and if you do not give them their cut they will make life difficult for you.

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