Yahoo Opens Up Email API — Stepping Closer To The Web Platform

from the good-for-them dept

A day after expanding email storage to infinite, Yahoo is also releasing an API for Yahoo Mail, allowing developers to develop new apps on top of its mail service. Combined with the unlimited storage, this could get interesting. It always seemed like Google should be building the “web platform” that allowed developers to create the next generation of apps — but, for some reason, Google keeps moving away from that plan. Instead, the surprise candidate for building the web platform has been Amazon. However, it looks like Yahoo is (hopefully?) starting to realize that the way to win the internet wars isn’t to compete directly with Google, but to build the platform that lets users do what they want and developers create the next great services. There are still plenty of challenges, but it’s good to see more companies moving in this direction.

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Comments on “Yahoo Opens Up Email API — Stepping Closer To The Web Platform”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Challenges? Plenty indeed...

There are still plenty of challenges, but it’s good to see more companies moving in this direction.

Oh yes, there are plenty.

Like the fact that most techies despise yahoo. and the fact that noone wants to create something knowing that a dependant party is going to completely obliterate it with intrusive advertising. It has been years since I have been willing to touch anything yahoo’sh.

(Side note: I went to to test adblocker/noscript settings last night on a new browser install, and wouldnt you know it, yahoo is STILL trying to get everyone to turn on javascript when viewing their pages. They have buttons that are intentionally askew ont he page, and you can only get them to line up properly if you enable scripts. WTF?)

Witty Nickname says:

Why hate?

Why hate Yahoo? I don’t use them either, I think Google is a better search engine, and I love the way that it organizes my e-mail conversations. Until someone else acts the same way I stick with g-mail.

But Yahoo has done two AWESOME innovations in the last two days. Give them some credit.

Saying, I don’t care what they do – they are Yahoo and therfore it is bad is short sighted. This will move the market as a whole to being more competitive.

It is like saying Wal-Mart may be the most environmentally friendly, most community involved, lowest price retailer, and be closest to my house, but I will still shop at Kroger because Wal-Mart is bad.

Joel Coehoorn says:

This isn’t Yahoo’s first forray into this area. Their ‘pipes’ service is somewhat interesting as well.

As a profession developer, my first thought was that if the API is even half-way decent it would be trivial create an app that uses an yahoo e-mail account for online access anywhere file store, with the only limit being upstream bandwith.

dataGuy says:

G fanboys

There’s nothing wrong with yahoo per say. I’ve used their email app since 94-95. Over time I’ve used some of their other apps, whenever it happened to fit my needs. For example, prior to Topix and Google news, yahoo news seemed to be the best news aggregator.

I wonder how many non-google fanboys would lump yahoo in the same camp as AOL or hotmail.

Speaking of which, did you see the boing boing post that some companies will not hire internet “experts” that have hotmail as their default email account – LOL

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: G fanboys

Its actually “per se” not “per say”.

I’d give you the link to yahoo’s definitions, but strangely they dont support things like definitions.

Google Search – Define: per se

(Sorry for the spelling correction, it was actually a retort to your statement about yahoo being good enough, normally I wouldnt do somethign that anal)

Back on topic: yes, it is just like that boing boing article. I would never hire anyone for a technical job that uses a yahoo address.

But I dont lump yahoo into the same steaming pile as hotmail… not quite. but i do lump it in with (aka

comboman says:

In defense of Yahoo mail

I’ve used Yahoo mail as my sacrificial spam-catcher email account for about 10 years now (any time a web site demands an email address, I use the Yahoo one to keep spam off my real email address). Considering what I use it for I’m actually very impressed with their built-in spam filter, only about a half-dozen per week get through. My work email address (which I’ve had about 12 years) gets a half-dozen spam per day, after it goes through the IT department’s spam filter.

Justin (user link) says:

I tell you what

I don’t use my yahoo/gmail/hotmail e-addy on my resume anyway there are way too many prejudices in the IT industry towards one company or another. For no “real” reason.

So I’ll keep either my “fictional company” or my ISP provided email.

Google Sucks !
No Yahoo Sucks!
No M$ Sucks !
No Your Mom Sucks ! (Well ok that last one is true.)

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