US Leads The World In Malicious Computer Activity

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Not that it’s really anything to gloat about, but a new report from Symantec says that more malicious computer activity (spam, identity theft, phishing, hacking and so on) comes from the United States than anywhere else. About a third of such attacks come from the USA, followed by China with 10% and Germany with 7%. The methodology doesn’t appear too comprehensive, since it’s just built from data sent back by users of Symantec anti-virus software, but the report did turn up some other interesting tidbits. Perhaps the most attention-grabbing is that the paper’s authors say that a person’s complete identity — birthdate, bank account, credit card and ID numbers — can be had for as little as $14. That’s actually pretty shocking, if true, since the amount of damage that can be done with that information is particularly high. If identity and financial information truly is available so easily and cheaply, it would indicate that the problem of identity theft is going to get much, much worse before it gets any better.

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Comments on “US Leads The World In Malicious Computer Activity”

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what a joke says:


sure!? is this the same symantec displaying an ad on the right side of my screen. you better listen to them, go buy their software. how many times have i been a victim to malicious computer activity, none. do con artists and businesses exist to take your money, yes. i know the only truth in this article is that spam in the us is out of control! by the way i run antivir software for ‘malicious computer activity’, and its free, thank you germany!

anon says:

If we killed the people responsible for such atrocities with NO trial (the IP/MAC trail is all the evidence needed), this problem would stop. Real quick. It should be considered an act of war for a country not to extradite such scum to the US for punishment. We need to invade said countries with our full military strength and seize any means necessary to kill the fuckers.

CB (user link) says:

Flawed study

Is Symantec anti-virus software used in the same percentages across countries? And Germany’s 7% is disproportionate to their smaller population size.

“Doesn’t surprise me much, Americans are suckers.”

This would suggest Chinese are:

“Twenty-six percent of the world’s bot-infected computers were in China, a higher percentage than any other country.”

|333173|3|_||3 says:

Real fake Id

where I am, if you can make a fake secondary student card and print out a few froged documents, you cn get a lerners permit. Witht his you can get a bank account. With a bank statement and a learner’s permit, you have enough ID for most things, whith the benefit of thier being genuine items with a real history, and all for a $20 fake ID.

Maybe the proportion of bot-infected computers per computer would be a better indication of the number of suckers in a country.

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