New Jersey Says People Must Be Allowed To Videotape Government Meetings

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Remember how Virginia Republicans were upset at Democrats for videotaping them in the State House and putting the videos on YouTube? Apparently, that’s not the only place where government officials have been worried about being caught on tape. Over in New Jersey, the state Supreme Court has now said that governments in the state cannot prevent citizens from videotaping public meetings (assuming that the taping doesn’t interrupt the progression of the meeting). This certainly seems like a reasonable rule for a governing organization — but politicians aren’t known for being reasonable very often, which is why this case had to end up in the New Jersey Supreme Court.

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Comments on “New Jersey Says People Must Be Allowed To Videotape Government Meetings”

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Doug Dante says:

In Michigan Too

Michigan’s Open Meetings Act require officials to hold open meetings and to allow any citizen to video or audio tape them. Family Rights Activists have faced difficulties when dealing with Citizen’s Advisory Committees in this state, and IIRC, one CAC was actually effectively dismantled rather than allowing its proceedings to be video taped. Also, some boards, most notably the Detroit Public Schools, hold “informal” meetings that may be to some extent “real” business meetings, and members of those boards have been punished for exposing any information from them.

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