Yahoo To Try Singing News For Its Supper

from the no,-seriously dept

Back in 2005, Yahoo (with its crew of ex-Hollywood execs in charge) decided that it was going to make Yahoo more like a TV network with lots of original video programming. Of course, after a little while, it seemed like the execs there finally realized that was makes the internet powerful is that it’s a communications medium, not a broadcast one. After recognizing this, Yahoo admitted that creating original broadcast content might not make much sense and scaled back the effort. Apparently it wasn’t scaled back completely. In what strikes of complete and utter desperation, it appears that Yahoo is getting ready to launch a new video news broadcast… using a reporter who will sing the news (via Techmeme). Yes, sing. It seems like whoever thought this up just took a cue from The Naked News and figured that perhaps The Singing News would be more family friendly. Except… it’s not clear why anyone would actually want to watch someone sing the news other than once or twice for the sheer novelty factor. However, if you’re looking to create something sustainable, generally speaking, something that’s viewed as a novelty gimmick probably isn’t going to get you very far.

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