Some European Nations Think EU Data-Retention Laws Don't Go Far Enough

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Data-retention laws have been a hot topic on both sides of the Atlantic as American and European governments engage in a tug of war between security hawks and privacy advocates. In spite of the high costs data-retention imposes on certain companies and questions about how useful it really is, governments press on. In Europe, some are even preparing new laws that go beyond EU rules, which say that ISPs must hang on to traffic logs for two years. For instance, in the Netherlands, a proposed law would force mobile operators to keep records of users’ location during calls, and in Germany — in a move that will undoubtedly make the place more secure — creating an email account with “false information” would become illegal under a new proposal. Groups in both countries have said the proposals contravene EU or local laws, and the privacy implications for both are obvious. It’s also still unclear exactly how forcing operators and service providers to retain all this information will actually be helpful to investigators. What really makes this laughable, though, is these proposals come at a time when the EU is supposedly committed to cutting the regulatory burden on companies there. Forcing all kinds of companies to save huge amounts of data for long periods of time sounds like a great way to do just that.

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Comments on “Some European Nations Think EU Data-Retention Laws Don't Go Far Enough”

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CR says:

Stazi laws

Do we have a right of privacy? To breach the right of privacy is it not necessary to first obtain a warrant?
Warrant first, snooping later? Not 2 years of snooping then warrant? Isn’t it done this way to protect people from abusive governments?

They’re creating retroactive warrants, in effect allowing selective fishing expeditions back 2 years. Stazi laws.

Be very careful what you say, as it can be used in evidence against you….. up to two years later on any unrelated future accusation.

You have the right to remain silent, but anything you’ve said in the last 2 years will be used in evidence against you regardless.

You have the right to an attorney now, but all the comments you made for the last 2 years in the absence of an attorney will be used against you.

It’s all ok, because governments never abuse their positions and all law enforcement officers are honest and trustworthy and the court system is infallible. An ex KGB man like Putin, using his position against opponents, could never happen here in Europe. No need to balance peoples rights against government rights, no, not here in Europe.

Stazi law makers says so.

Jesse says:

Won't Work

The sheer amount of information to be recorded is incredible. Let alone trying to go through all of it. All the politicians are trying to do is create a bank of data that corporations will make use of and will allow law enforcement officers be able to pull up records on certain criminals they are charging to see if they can hit them with more charges.

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