Movie Industry Now Wants To Limit Rights Of Canadian Actors

from the protect-the-artist,-huh? dept

By now, it should be abundantly clear that the entertainment industry’s complaints about copyright laws or new technologies have absolutely nothing to do with protecting the creative talent. The industry still trots out that line, but it’s been laughable for quite some time. However, the next time you hear it from, say, the movie industry, you might want to point them to the following story. It seems that Canadian actors and producers had worked out a new union deal that would give them residual rights to content used online. Everything was all set… until the US movie studios came in and nixed the deal, fearing that it would lead artists in other countries (such as the US) to demand similar rights. This is a case where both sides at the negotiating table had agreed to what they felt was a fair deal concerning new media opportunities — and suddenly the US studio bosses step in to nix the done deal. So, the next time someone says that the MPAA represents the interests of all of those who work in the industry, ask them why they’re working so hard to block these kinds of deals.

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Comments on “Movie Industry Now Wants To Limit Rights Of Canadian Actors”

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thecaptain says:

So, the next time someone says that the MPAA represents the interests of all of those who work in the industry, ask them why they’re working so hard to block these kinds of deals.

We can’t…they block all our media outlets except the net 🙂

Oh wait…they’re gonna end up blocking that too when they get rid of that whole pesky “neutrality” business.

Geoff says:

Meanwhile back in Hollywood North

Not to stray too far off-topic….This strike is absolutely killing a viable and successful film industry in Canada – This time last year, there were over 30 major productions in Toronto either finished or underway. There are four finished and three underway this year. The Actor’s were pled with to NOT STRIKE by the americans unions, the producers, the canadian crews and virtually every sane person known to mankind – The Actor’s M.O. is greed – with all due respect they are B actors and B extras who want A money. The 3,000 or so in favour of striking have removed food and shelter from about 25,000 who want to work and were happy to work.

There are a few fantabulous canucklehead actor’s about, some we know about and many we don’t, but for the most part the average actor making very good money in this country wouldn’t be able to do a Denny’s ad south of the border!

No offence to my many actor friends, but you don’t deserve more money – nor do I on the other side of the camera, but I didn’t ask for more.

TheDock22 says:


This decision really is a shame. It could have opened up a few more doors for being able to use content on the internet and still let the actors and actresses be compensated for it.

Most of us Internet junkies do not want to use, watch, or listen to content for free at the expense of others. We are left little choice though with decisions like this.

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