Microsoft Getting Into The Biowaste Business?

from the gotta-be-a-mistake dept

Going to assume this one is some sort of mistake by the USPTO, but in scanning through the latest patents issued to Microsoft on Tuesday (38 of ’em) one of them stands out. While most are for various software things, there’s also 7,174,928, which is for a multi-part waste container apparatus. It’s a new (apparently) container to better “accommodate the amount of blood, tissues, and other biological materials generated during a typical surgical procedure.” Seems a bit… far out for Microsoft. The inventor named on the patent, Fred Lampropoulos, appears to be the CEO of Merit Medical Systems, rather than a Microsoft employee — and this certainly seems a bit more like a patent you’d expect from Merit Medical Systems. Still, for a brief moment it was fun to speculate on Microsoft expanding into biowaste.

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