Oracle, Microsoft Linux Announcements Not Yet Being Felt

from the validating-the-space dept

Last fall, the Linux market seemed headed for a major shakeup, as within a few days of each other, both Oracle and Microsoft announced plans to get into the space. Oracle’s strategy was to offer support for Red Hat Linux at a cut-rate price, while Microsoft partnered with Novell to co-market their offerings on a limited basis. While Red Hat investors fretted about the increased competition, the company put on a brave face, and brought out the old saw about increased competition being validation for the Linux market. Although it’s still early in the game, it seems that Red Hat may have been justified in its optimism. A couple of new Wall Street analyst reports have noted that neither Oracle nor Microsoft has had any significant impact on the market. Oracle has yet to announce any major customer wins, while Microsoft claims that one customer — Wal-Mart — has bought into the partnership. In both cases, the companies certainly have more business than they’re publicly announcing, but it does seem that the doomsday scenarios that many envisioned are not yet playing out.

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Comments on “Oracle, Microsoft Linux Announcements Not Yet Being Felt”

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cyb3rj says:

Re: Wait for Oracle 11g

I’m not so sure about that. Changing a server OS or justifying a new box to host a new OS is a pretty large untertaking for many IT departments. I think Oracle’s move here is token and will win a small percentage of people. In the least, I think this helps underscore that Oracle will run on RHEL for the foreseeable future.

iNsOmNiAc4104 says:

As vista ticks off more and more users with its Is this Ok? crap and more flaws found in its nasty drm or as more people feel violated when they cant play legit purchased content it will only be a matter of time until they get fed up with M$ and look for alternatives. Hopefully they will look at the stars and see Tux smiling down 🙂

me says:

Re: Re:

Well said!

I know I’m forced to used windows for some of the apps I need but more and more I find myself on my laptop enjoying the versatility and open doors of linux.

Last night I finally got XGL/Beryl on it too. A bit of work finding the right tutorial, but it definitely can hold it’s own against vista in terms of visually effects and productivity.

And it doesn’t ask me if I’m sure it’s okay to move my mouse to the left.

cyb3rj says:

Re: iNsOmNiAc4104's comment

I’m already planning the commitment move to Linux. Microsoft has lost me as a direct customer. I’ll have to use it for work, and that’s where it’s going to stay.

Ubuntu is anyone is curious. I did a 5.x to 6.x upgrade and was completely blown away by the ease of the upgrade. It isn’t (I hate to say this) quite like Windows Update (yet), but it’s really good for a community project.

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