LG Accuses Apple Of Ripping Off iPhone Design

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A few days after Apple announced the iPhone, Korean handset maker LG officially unveiled the Prada phone, a Prada-branded touchscreen phone that bore some similarities to the iPhone. Unlike the iPhone, the Prada Phone was not a closely guarded secret, as pictures of it had been available to the public for some time. Now LG is accusing Apple of copying its design for the Prada Phone, saying that the company only designed the iPhone after seeing pictures of the Prada Phone last September. This claim seems pretty far-fetched, and either way, it’d be very hard to demonstrate. What’s interesting is what it says about Apple’s claim that it did 200 patents worth of innovation for the iPhone. The claim always seemed like a bit of a red herring, intended to distract from some unfavorable aspects of the product’s release. When the two handsets are released it’ll easier to do a real side-by-side analysis, but it seems likely that the iPhone won’t appear as innovative as Apple claims it is.

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Comments on “LG Accuses Apple Of Ripping Off iPhone Design”

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insomniac4104 says:

iPhone you phone we all phone…
But on a more serious note the iPhone seems to be a more elaborate version of the BlackJack with a touch screen. Why would I want another device to play mp3’s when most people buying this thing probably have an iPod or equivalent so now they have two. So now we have a mini computer that can make phone calls…yuppie… All we need now is a phone I can play Oblivion and Wow on a screen the size of a postage stamp and I can ditch my 3000$ laptop…

Mofu says:

Re: Re:


The fact that you hate apple products, its very simple. Apple it’s been successful and that creates hate from ignorant people like you. LG?? well, they might work great, but this is not the point. Its very obvious LG is just trying to get attention and therefore sales on a low quality product that wouldn’t never be a successful as iphone.

JJ says:

Apple copies

So apple stole the name “iphone” from Cisco. (there were lots of technologies with “i” in the front before the ipod came out.

Then supposedly they stole the design from LG. Personally, I dont know if they stole the design but it looks similar. Really, how many designs are possible before they start repeating. Black glossy is in 2006/2007 so it is a given that many tech gadgets will have that design.

Michael Long says:


The shape is basically the same, but how many ways can you make a full-screen candy-bar phone? The proof will be in ths software and the interface, and I’m willing to bet serious money, based on encounters with other LG products, that LG’s is nowhere near as elegant.

BTW, it’s a little odd to see LG getting press about how Apple is ripping them off, as the “G” in LG is Goldstar. Which, as you may recall, is a company once well known for doing amazingly cheap–and amazingly bad–knockoffs of consumer electronic gear.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: LG

Oh, you might want to note. The really nice Apple monitors that everyone likes are made by LG.

You are totally wrong. The really nice Apple monitors you used to hear about were not made by LG.

Apple used to have really nice monitors 2 years ago. In fact, the display on my apple monitor from 3 years ago is much better than any of their LG monitors today. Apple switched to LG to cut down costs. All of the US companies switched to cheaper parts to cut down costs.

That being said, I do agree that LG is a very good brand today.

notInUS says:

what do they care


There are no plans (yet) to bring it to the US, so LG is clearly threatened by Apple since there are some plans on the works to bring the iPhone to Europe.

And I am sorry, but if you think that the iPhone design is a rip-off, the price to pay for a stupid wannabe-cool Prada phone is the mother of all rip-offs!!!!! $775 USD!!!! You gotta be kidding me!

Plus you still have to buy the iPod! =)

Leroy Jenkins says:


Nice LG FUD.
Let’s see. Trying to sell some crappy candybar phone for $775 and mad because Apple outdid them and WILL outsell them. This is a poor attempt at trying to get marketing for a lackluster product. I really hate the new trend of Lawsuit Marketing. When I saw Cisco make the feable attempt I looked at their stock. Stockbrokers are jumping out of windows if they own Cisco.

Blah. Apple stock is doing very nicely though and I guess the proof is in the pudding. If enough people like something someone will make it. If they make it and enough people buy it they will make money. So the simplest question to ask is Who is making money and Who isn’t?

It’s not about fanbois. It is simple. Apple is very good at making things people like. They are also very good at marketing said items. As to those that hate Apple I would like to remind you they are one of the best at driving innovation. Look at most of the products you use and I bet Apple owns a patent on it. Innovation is good. Emulation is not as good.

Oh and Vista. What a MAC OSX operating system was 2 years ago



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