First Person Shooters Still Good For Improving Vision

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Three and a half years ago we had a post about a study claiming that video gaming was good for your vision. This was one of many recent studies that points out some of the positive aspects of playing video games. However, it looks like the researchers on that first study didn’t want to give up that line of research (or, perhaps, they just wanted an excuse to get grant money that would let them keep playing video games). The same researchers have now come out with a second study that also notes video games can be good for your eyesight. In this case, they were specifically testing first person shooters, and how it impacted the ability of people to pick a letter out of a clutter of letters (not exactly your standard eye chart). However, the research did show that after just 30 hours of gaming (we assume, not consecutively), the ability to pick out letters showed a substantial improvement. So, the next time someone (parents, spouse, etc.) suggest that you’re wasting too much time on that first person shooter, just tell them you’re improving your eyesight.

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Comments on “First Person Shooters Still Good For Improving Vision”

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Sanguine Dream says:

Two sides to every coin...

Im just in one of those moods where I’m seeing the bad side to everything so work with me:

Another school shooting happens. In an effort to prove that the blame rests solely on video games someone who is wishes to “protect the children” will use this study to “prove” that the shooter used first person shooters to practice before the real deal.

Evil says:

Re: Two sides to every coin...

in the famous words of Dennis Miller “guns dont kill people OJ kills people”
blaming games for violence and de-sensitising people is just BS and for saying so makes you just as retarded as any one else claiming the same…
COLUMBINE those parents dint notice the sawed off shotguns in thier home????
what about the kids torturing them and teasing them kids are brutal and hazing them..
not to justify what they did it was totally wrong but maybee some of these kids picking on others might think twice before fucking with someone else and picking on them because they dont wear the clothes that they feel is “trendy”
what side of the coin is where someone gets tortured everyday for four years????
yeah blame it on video games retard…

|333173|3|_||3 says:


I would imagine that what is improving is not the eyesight as tested by, say, an opticians chart, but the brains ability to process images to spot shapes and patterns. Think about when you first played FPSs, and you didn’t see the enemies in the distance, or who were well camoflaged (this only applies to younger players, older players who started out with Wolfenstien 3D and progressed from there would have gradually developed the skills). You would have gotten killed a lot. Far more important than being able to aim is the ability to realise that the shadow in the distance has a man in it. It would be interesting to compare the skills of those who like SoF II rather than games with more open maps like COD. I should think that SOF II players would generally have faster reactions, able to shoot those who come round the corners or pop out from behind a crate, whereas a COD player would be better at spotting people in the distance, and so would do better in this sort of test. in a tps, I should think that he skills which would be developed would be more tracking skills, especially in games where the mian fight are close-range meles, in order fo players to follow thier charecter, thier allies, and enemies.

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