Amazon Patents Showing You Your Own Books

from the well,-thank-goodness-for-that dept

theodp writes "Thanks to a patent the USPTO granted to Amazon Tuesday for a Method and system for access to electronic images of text based on user ownership of corresponding physical text (aka Amazon Upgrade), showing you images of pages from a book you’ve purchased may someday trigger a patent infringement lawsuit."

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Comments on “Amazon Patents Showing You Your Own Books”

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Ben(damnit) says:


Alright, I got dibs on the patent for a Method and system for translating abstract ideas and concepts into arrangements of phonics to convey a meaning.

a.k.a. language. Then someone else can add ‘on the net’, and ‘in writing’ and we can team up and corner the market.

Seriously though, how do we go about changing this patent system? Can we start a petition, do we protest, should i write nasty letters to the people in office, or is there even a better, more functional (i use that term loosely as our current system hardly qualifies as adequate) system out there?

Sadly, i think the only hope any of us would really have would be to win the powerball, hire a lobbying firm, and make some serious campaign contributions. And even then, it would be locked up in committee for years.

Enrico Suarve says:


I’m going to patent a system which allows the recording of a vague idea in order to halt innovation and which is designed to work on a first come first served basis, so that the first person to submit an idea gets all the credit rather than the person who first created it

The system should obviously also have special bonuses built in for obvious submissions

csven (user link) says:

Wasn’t this the basis of’s business model; giving you streaming access to your music anywhere once you had reasonably demonstrated that you had the physical CD at home…?

Sure sounds like it. However, there *is* a difference. While it was’s business model, this is Amazon’s *method* for putting this into practice and a potential business model. If Amazon were to get permission from publishers, there might not be any issues. iirc, the music industry wasn’t interested in giving permission (and I wonder if they’re now wishing they’d have worked with them on that).

I agree that this might be a straw man issue. I’ve not read the patent, but suspect it’s specific in how they plan to do it. However, if the patent is well-written, it’ll cover a lot of options.

|333173|3|_||3 says:


He lets them, unnofficially. I assume since you postdd that you’re new around here. He generally comments that if they have to copy him,word will get around and people will come here for the original instead, especially if someone posts a link to here on thier page.

Mike has found plenty of sites which copy/paste techdirt, but he ignores it because they get less traffic than he does.

Deirdre' Straughan (user link) says:

Amazon patent

I don’t know whether it’s patentable, but I think it’s a good idea – in fact, I suggested this very thing to Amazon a few years ago, when I first saw their “search inside the book” feature.

I own a lot of books that I’d love to be able to do a full-text search on. To do such a search, I would have to have scanned all my books. But Amazon has already done that for many of the books I own (in fact, I’ve bought a few books from them because I knew from the “search inside” that those books contained material I needed).

So, since they already give me (limited) access to the insides of books before I buy them, why not give me full access to the insides of books I already own? Naturally, they would need some sort of proof that I own the book.

Seems sensible enough to me.

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