Kodak's New Battle Plan: Cheap Printer Ink

from the ah,-finally! dept

For many years we’ve had stories about the ridiculously high price of inkjet printer ink. It is, according to some, one of the most expensive liquids around, costing more than vintage champagne. Someone once worked out that if you filled an Olympic-sized swimming pool with printer ink bought at retail, it would cost you $5.9 billion dollars (yes, with a b). Obviously, that’s not the cost of manufacturing the ink, but includes hefty margins for the printer makers, who give away their printers cheap and make it up on the ink margins. The printer makers then go to extraordinary lengths, including using all sorts of intellectual property law to stop anyone else from selling ink for their printers. Some printer companies have also been accused of making ink cartridges expire while they still have plenty of ink. In fact, just a few months ago in a report about how Epson was blocking others from selling compatible ink, we wondered why no printer company saw this as an opportunity to come in and undercut these raw deals, and advertise heavily on the fact that they wouldn’t rip you off on ink. Apparently, it was just a matter of time.

Kodak is supposedly announcing new photo printers today, with the explicit focus on the fact that their ink is a hell of a lot cheaper than anyone else’s. In fact, they’re also promoting that the ink cartridges hold a lot more ink, so you won’t have to refill as often either. In other words, they’re doing what any competitor in the space should do: beating the competition by offering what customers want, rather than trying to squeeze extra money out of them at the expense of reputation. The reports suggest that Kodak will still make plenty of margin on the ink sales, but that it might finally force some of the other printer companies to lower their prices a bit. Sometimes it takes a while, but it looks like the market is finally doing what it’s supposed to.

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Comments on “Kodak's New Battle Plan: Cheap Printer Ink”

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SusieQ says:

Re: Next question

In all actuality – the printer they sell that only prints, would be a two banger – one for the photo print person and one for the no photo print person. Either way – the black and color inks are absolutely cheaper and larger quantity in the tank itself. If you don’t use color ink – then you will only have to fill the color cartridge area once and just replaace the black tank when you run out for $9.99 !! Gotta LOVE this idea !!!

Laudanum Milkshake says:

This is a perfect example of governments holding back markets; the use of copyrights and patents to attack anyone who threatens their monopoly. Tech companies realized years ago that just like their more conventional brethren, once you have a market share, it’s easier to use the government to control it with legislation than it is to maintain it the ethical way.

Worbod says:

Re: Government's Fault???

I can’t beleive that Laudanum Milkshake could use this to make an anti goverment statement.

Businesses have been abusing the patent laws not the government. They spend millions on lawyers and they spend millions to lobby the republic congress to make patents last for hundreds of years.

Government isn’t the problem, business is the problem

Reality says:

Re: Laudanum Milkshake - gov'ts fault- yea right!!

Laudanum Milkshake obviously does not have a job in corp America. Must be a student artist or a union employee…

Don’t get me wrong, I am really looking forward to the “cheap ink.”

The market driven economy that demands the ink creates a market for printer companies to chase, with the attractivness of big margins on ink, the printer companies a) get rich (welcome to america) and b) invest in new and exciting products.

Our ink will be less expensive now, that is great for the consumer. I myself am looking forward to this. the mfr’s will still be looking for the same margins on their product. the result is one of the follwoing two (or both):
– The price of printers will go up.
– The innovation of new printers with new features will not happen at the same pace.

very similar to the drug companies, the only real profit they make is in the US, the rest of the world is free to buy generics and their are caps on the costs for drugs. The money is all made in the patent protected US where the money for research and phat paychecks for execs comes from. It is Very fair. If you don’t like it, make your own printer.

Milkshake, pass the pipe and enjoy life in your bubble…

Anonymous Bum (user link) says:

Cost of Ownership

Last year a cliet needed a photo quality printer for a medical practice. They wanted a Cannon yeloow ribbon printer because of the marketing they had read. I talked them into an HP 8400 because of cheaper ink. (still expensive though).

They paid more for the printer, but the ease of operation of reloading cartridges and the better price on consumables have made up for the difference.

BTW: Click on the adsense links for Mike

Bob says:

Now if Kodak would actually make a good printer instead of dumbed down printers with little to no advanced capabilities and that print in a size other than 4X6. They obviously only market to dumb people that want to just sit their camera on a dock and push print. Also with cheaper ink they will probably charge more for the printer than everyone else.

haywood says:

It is quite the merry go round

I think I’ve tried all the printer brands except Lexmark. I’ve stayed with Canon, buying genuine ink from EBay as long as it could be had for less than $9 a cartridge. I started on Canon when they offered the replaceable print head thinking; that’s usually what goes first, how clever. Who would have though that that print head would be nearly impossible to find, and when you did, it would cost 3/4 the price of a new printer. Bring it on Kodak, my brand loyalty is up for grabs.

Anonymous Coward says:

I work for a local kodak shop in town, and I’d like to point something out. For the EasyShare printers, you have to buy the cartridges and paper together…does this mean they will say the ink’s cheaper and increase the price of the paper? Or will they finally start selling the damn things separately so I can be relieved of customers yelling at me as if it’s personally my fault?


Ryan (profile) says:

Just Buy a New One

I just bought a new printer instead of buying ink..

It was cheaper.

Yeah, I threw away a perfectly good printer, but hey… I’ll be throwing away another perfectly good printer in a couple months when it runs out of ink too. Saves me about $20 that way.

How long until our landfills are nothing but piles of working printers?

MargaretKrainer says:

Re: Re: Just Buy a New One

Interesting comment – but how do you know how much liquid is in a cartridge?

I had a cartridge refilled at “Cartridge World” locally – and it ran out of red ink first. I always run out of blue ink first, I have certain things for which I use a great deal of blue ink (graphics for a logo on what I print most frequently).

The capacity of a cartridge is one thing – how much ink is in there is quite another!!

lar3ry says:

Three printers will be available in March

You can see them on Kodak’s web site.

According to the site, prices will be $149, $199, and $299 (not bargain basement prices, but remember that they are not offsetting the price with outrageous prices for ink). Ink cartridges are $9.99 (black) and $14.99 (5-color). The low end machine doesn’t have memory card slots or LCD preview display. All models offer Bluetooth as an optional accessory.

All three printers are all-in-ones, offering copying and scanning as well as printing. The $299 model also offers Fax. Availability, as reported on the site, is March, 2007 from the web site or Best Buy.

What isn’t mentioned is if they are Windows-only or will also work with Macs.

Si says:

Epson ink might be great, but the printers die if

Added to all of this is the fact that many printers (specifically Epson) have system where if the printer is unused for more than a couple of weeks, the jets dry up and can no longer be cleaned. When Epson support is contacted, they readily admit that it “might” be cheaper to buy a new printer rather than repair the old one.

If their inks are so good, there should be a way to ensure that the jets remain lubricated in some way. This isn’t rocket science, is it?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No, it is tougher than rocket science

Ink technology is tougher than rocket science. Rocket just goes up on one mission and burn for just a few minutes. Inkjets – have to work with a variety of papers, image types, dry immediately on paper, never dry up in nozzles, have vibrant colors, images last for years, ink has to stay good in storage, oh and can I print cheaper than film based systems for image capture and printing. Oh, and by the way, I want to print nice looking text, too.

Don says:

Re: Epson ink might be great, but the printers die

I have an Epson Photo 820 and I leave it for a week at a time and it don’t dry up using Epson ink but no refills work. I have to clean heads up to 5 times on refilled cartridges just to get them to print when new. The Epson ink is water base and hot water will unplug the jets if they get pluged. I clean my printer when it needs it with hot water and Q-tips that keep it working. My gripe is the high cost of Epson Ink. Color is up to $22.95 plus tax and Black is $24.95. This T26 & T27 cartridge is not stocked in all stores now. I may need to switch to Kodak printer now!

chacha says:

Re: Epson ink might be great, but the printers die if

I have never had this problem with epson printers in my over ten years of using desktop and wideformat professional epsons. The problem I am currently having with the new epson desktops is that if you turn if off, turning it on creates a head cleaning session. And, if your ink starts getting low, it cleans the heads everytime you use the printer, whether or not you left it on, causing the ink cartridges to empty during the cleaning process. I’m heading for kodak’s desktops if I find what I need there. ChaCha

user says:

oh brother...

so my parents have a “nice” brother all in 1 printer, with a multi card reader and flatbed scanner.

my mom useses it to make copies and color printouts of her spreadsheats, used in her business. one day she came yelling at me to “fix” her printer. it wouldn’t print.

after some digging, i found that the yellow ink was low (it’s a 4 cartdridge printer) so i figured, hey, ok. just hit clear and we’re good to go.

not so fast. still didn’t work.

in my infinite wisdom, i called brother. what i was told AMZAED me. they said if one cardride was out of ink, the printer was disabled. i.e if you had no yellow ink, you couldn’t print in b/w. WTF i asked why this was, they said it is a design feature. FEATURE. that’s not a feature. now, to get the printer to work, i need to buy a yellow cardride. oops. they only sell 3 pack for like 50 bucks. i did find a yellow cardridge for 47 bucks. go figure.

about a week later, her black ink runs out….same process. i install a new black cardrigde, thing lasts for 2 days, max. she can get at least 2-3 months out of it. called brother again, compalined. this time they sent us a new 4 pack ink. how nice.

i’m just waiitng for the printer to go, it’s the biggest piece of junk ever. don’t buy brother.

Anonymous Coward says:

Cheaper ink, that’s great. The real shocker would be to actually include a USB cable in the box with the new printer. Honestly, what self-respecting peripheral (other than printers) isn’t sold along with the means to hook up said peripheral to your computer?

This baloney has gone on long enough. Wake up printer people. I’m sure USB cables only cost you like one or two dollars. You can afford it. I for one would much rather pay an extra $5 for the convenience of a cable in the box than $25-30 for an aftermarket cable.

Earl says:

Re: Re:

Anonymous Coward. Printers by far arent the only thing that doesnt give you all the cables necessary to use the item. Ive bought an oven, dryer, and Musical keyboard over the last year and NONE of them even came with a power cord so you HAVE to buy a power cord to use them. Most people already have a USB cable laying around which is why they dont include one. Why charge everyone for the cable when only a fraction of people buying a printer need a USB cable

Happy Guy says:

OKI is OK!

I got tired of the outrageous inkjet prices so I started looking for laser. I found an OKI data color laser (c3200n I believe) on sale for about $250.00.
It was even network ready! Goodbye print server that used to serve me for the 2 printers I needed. One B/W inkjet and one photo quality inkjet. Why two? The B/W one was cheaper for general use. The cartriges were only $12 each and lasted about a month under general use. As stated above, when the color one ran out of a color that was it. UGH!
I am very happy with OKI so far. If Kodak makes a touch more expensive printer but makes the consumables cheaper then I may be looking at going to Kodak if my OKI ever goes down hard.

misanthropic humanist says:

use a print shop

It doesn’t work for everyone, but if you live in a city and you can find a print shop nearby it will save you a fortune.

When I need paper copies I just pop them on my server, walk down to the local print shop and give them the URL and how many copies I want.

I’ve saved hundreds, maybe thousands this way over the last few years.
Plus you get very high quality copies from a pro printer, and a bit of exercise too.

Anonymous Coward says:


my rx640 came with a usb cable… didn’t stop the shop trying to sell me another one, dispite the label on the box saying ‘usb cable included’.

not that it mattered, since I already have several.

biggest mistake i ever made was binning my lc-200c, only way to get printing cheaper than that 9 pin was a potato and some paint (and maybe even then the printer wins)

excellent for basic text. photo quality too (if your partial sighted or blind) and quiet (if your deaf).

the rx640 hasn’t needed new carts as yet, when it does a refil kit will be obtained.

I’ve found buying a new cart with the refil kit.. refil it till the kit runs out then repeat works ok, the quality with refil inks is worse, but for general printing its ‘good enough’

poor college kid says:

if you live near a relatively large institution, check if they have a “salvage and surplus” store. my university, PSU, did. i bought two (2) 15 inch samsung LCD monitors for 100 bucks, (DVI/VGA cables included) the only problem was that the base/screen bracket was broken and the monitor drooped. so i put a few old cd cases under it, and it’s fine. a few friends bought some, and either replaced/fixed the brackets andsome made a nice wall mount for it.

i got an old HP laser MP5 (or whatever) for 10 bucks. (had ink already) had to buy a ‘printer’ cable for another 10 bucks. best investment i’ve ever made.

but i know there were laptops, ram, desktops, printers, projectors, server, NAS, switches, etc. available for purchase.

might know something says:

Re: Printers and stuff

no cable in the box is a holdover from when they (end users) might have used parallel and/or a Macintosh adaptor (complicated) to use the printer; as well as a way to get back margin for the retailer (GM is way down on the initial purchase). Puttin in USB finally makes sense in late 2006.
It is “catch up” time here.

A consumer printer with print costs even as low as Kodak’s (new ones) should give a long lasting print, but professional level longevity tests by WR should be fundamental: Epson.

Inkjet printer pro/comsumer sales (V high volume for me 1999-2005, in a major center) have always been a quasi hard sell.

But being your own darkrom: PRICELESS.

Your friend, AAT.

Rick says:

You do realize that Kodak’s ‘photo’ printers have another expensive advantage. You MUST use their paper as well as their ink. So cutting the cost of the ink doesn’t really mean it is cheaper than the other guys. It just makes you think it is.

Their photo printer paper is already the most expensive printer paper available.

dasmb says:

Kodak Paper

I think the jury’s still out on the “special Kodak paper.” All manufacturers tell you to use their papers, because that’s what their drivers are profiled for. Without a good profile indicating how a color should be rendered on a given printer/ink/paper combination, print out can look pretty crummy, and no manufacturer is going to suggest an activity that could produce inferior results.

Furthermore, pigment inks won’t even bind properly to many photo papers designed for dyebase inks, resulting in really washed out blacks (I found this out the hard way).

That’s probably what all this is about; I would be very surprised if I couldn’t load a quality pigment compatible paper like the Ilford Smooth Pearl and acheive good results.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Kodak Paper

It’s not that they tell you to use their photo paper – you have no choice. A 4×6 piece of photo paper for a Kodak printer must be 4×7″ in size – with 2 1/2″ inch pieces on the edge you fold and tear off.

Buying ‘any’ other paper will not help – it won’t fit and/or print in the printer – period.

FredEx says:

These printers...

I wish Kodak well on this. They for many years were the ones I went with when I was doing photography before the digital age. They always offered a good product and exactly what I was looking for. You could count on a quality final result.

As far as people wondering this and that about the printers…follow a freakin’ link or two and get the answers to what you are wondering about!

Also, these are not just photo printers, if some of you followed some links you’d know that and that you don’t have to use their papers like the photo only printers.


Ben Quady says:

You can do better!

We have a Canon MP760, which is quite a good printer. Canon-branded cartridges cost ~$12 each. Staples-brand replacement cartridges for this printer cost ~$12. But I can get these cartridges for $4 online from any of many ink sellers. I used 4inkjets.com, for example, and the ink works perfectly. Orders arrive in like two or three days, the shipping is cheap, and I’m stoked. I mention the online retailer I used just to get you started, but really, there are tons of equivalent operations.

This brings to mind a general truth these days: there are very few kinds of items which can’t be bought cheaper online. Prescription eyeglasses, ink, silverware, non-perishable foods, etc. Before you pull that hundred-dollar bill out of your wallet for ANYTHING, think about whether you could maybe, with a few searches, save twenty or forty percent on that purchase by buying online.

dasmb says:

Replacement cartridges

One of the reasons third party replacement cartridges are a lot cheaper is that they’re made with much lower standards. The ink doesn’t bond the same as manufacturer’s ink, it isn’t reactive to the nozzle magnets in the same way which can cause clogs and it’s not the same color, not even between different cartridges from the same company! I run a color test every time I change a cartridge and am often shocked how different a given “color” can look.

This is bad, because your printer knows pretty exactly what colors it’s “supposed” to spray with the company’s inks. Change the color or the properties of the inks, and you start printing differently because the printer’s doing the wrong thing for that type of ink. Cheap inks tend toward bronzing and some don’t combine very well — I lost a lot of good prints to a cheap black cartridge that created “bubbles” on any dark texture.

There are some good third party inks — I’ve had good success with MIS (www.inksupply.com) — but on the whole, the cheapest inks are unreliable and isn’t worth the savings to me.

Marius says:

Buying or replacing

I have for a while now dumped perfectly working printers for a new one that includes the ink. The trend is now that you can buy a printer dirt cheap, but have to buy the ink seperately or the ink provided only have a limited capacity, running empty much quicker that the standard cartridges do. This is a great hoax throughout the industry and sanity will prevail.

Koda has started to break the barrier, but we are not there for a long shot.

Uncle B says:

Printer Problems

Proud owner of 3 Lexmarks, 1 Canon, 1 Star 1000-9pin, 1Epson.
The fascination of seeing my own words and pictures in print has been overcome by my love for the environment. I now store all on CD’s or DVD’s and store them in folded, stick-glued one side printed folded paper from my old printers. I try to send mail by email, and have been known to send fully authored CD’s with print and photos that will play on computers, video CD players and various DVD players.
I don’t need or want to go backwards to the 20th century age of printers, by Kodak or anyone else. I can carry more info on a single memory stick than is found in a whole printed dictionary. Welcome to the 21st century, an electronic age.

Rudi Jock (user link) says:

Continuous ink Systems or refillable cartridges

HP and Lexmark should be ashamed for putting printer heads right on the cartridges which end up being thrown away when empty (or partially). I use continuous ink systems and empty refillable cartridges on my Epson printers, which not only save me thousands of dollars to date, but give me the freedom to be expressive, and give my work away. No more cartridges.

Here is one hooked up to my R200 printer:


Folks- it is worth tossing your current printer in favour of one that works with a CIS. 10 ink cartridges worth of ink for less then the price of one.

Greg says:

The Real Truth

I am a remanufacturer and a reseller of ink products.
The only way to measure the cost of what ink cartridge you have is to:
Know how muck liquid mLs are in your cartridge and dividie it by the total price your paying for the cartridge.
Most hp and lexmarks are about a dollor per mi. or more
Epson is about .92 cents per ml.

Compatible cartridges that work in canon, epson, brothers machines can be as low as .30 per ml.

You can meaure the liquid not how many pages a cartridge gets.
Want to know more about your cartridges and printers?
Let me know

Anon says:

HP, Lexmark, Epson. Brother etc etc all make between 2 and 10% Operating profit. For every $10 you spend on their products, they make 8c out of you.

They have traditionally followed a simple model – they make a loss on the hardware and a profit on the ink. If Kodak wants to split this the other way, and is succesful, then all the manufacturers will follow – and you’ll just have to start paying a lot more for your printers, but pay less for your ink.

I think it’s also worth noting that if a ink cart costs $10, the Govt takes $2.50, the manufacturer €3.50 and the retailer the reamining €4.00. Tell me again who’s ripping you off???

M Graham says:

Kodak easy use printer with 4x6 photos for under 1

I dont understand why kodak A well known name in american photos since the early days 3 or 4 years ago just quit with there peinters and I dident understand why they where the best with the nest pictures in the biz but it is nice to see them return with a much needed printer that can make doing it yourself make sence again by puting reality back meaning you save money with great do it yourself Ideas instead of costing you more to do it yourself.
Hope I can find a rebate or discount to pick a 5300 or 5500. And scrap my all in one HP. That runs about $56.00 for 90 4×6 photos cheaper for me to pay walmart 13 cent ea
Glad you are back in the printing arena kodak.
I know it will pay for itself in ink Savings. I dont have to pull my hair out every time the Kids get Creative.
What made the USA Great
If anyone knows of discounts for a Kodak 5300 or 5500 please e-mail gtmike4@excite.com

Bill Wolter says:

Kodak 5300 All in One Printer

I have had this printer since December and it still does not print. I have spent over 6 hours on the phone with the tech department at Kodak. After replaceing cartridges and print heads I am awaiting my brand new, rebuilt, used printer replacement from Kodak. I tried to return the printer to Office Depot but was told that they have a fourteen day return policy. Well I learned something about two different companies from the purchase of one printer and will be wiser about what brand to buy and who to buy from in the future.

terrybarker (user link) says:


i am a photographer with 50 years and i can tell u thatKodak delivers i never worked for K but they were there to help me and millions of pros including hollywood sxuceed with flying colors now Kodak is still american and the future is big for anyone offering savings printer co,s are ripping off the consumer GO KODAK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tmo says:


I was so fed up and frustrated trying ink refills, cartridge tampering, etc…I nearly went for a Epson continuous ink system, but I happen to stumble upon the Kodak 5100 series….on sale at Wal-Mart for $80. Thought I would buy it and give it a try seeing I was there about to spend $100 @$@#% dollars on another set of HP ink cartridges anyways. All I can say is since I have been using the Kodak 5100 as of Dec 07 I have been very happy and just awe struck. I have so far spent a total of $26 for both ink cartridges !!!! The printer works great for my needs. The bonus is it the scanner works fine as well. The idea for a continuous feed Epson is not worth it, and as for the still working HP and the Lexmark printers that I have sitting here you can bet they will never ever see another set of ink cartridges. Both printers are headed to the landfill !! I will not even give them away because I would pity the fool having to buy ink for them. Of course I will fun smashing them on some nice hard concrete first, I’ve got to get some satisfaction for that money I spent on them! Good riddance!

Goodbye to Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell,HP and your price gouging collusion…

Goodbye BW only, I have been using COLOR on my COLOR printer!


Ed Printer (user link) says:

Cheap Printer Ink has Potential

We’re in the midst of testing and creating a review for this printer ink. So far, the ink has proven to be very high quality. Calling it cheap printer ink doesn’t make sense, as this appears to be a fairly good printer ink product from Kodak. Once we’ve completed our testing, we’ll post a review of our cheap printer ink here.

Robert Thomas says:

printer ink

What they don’t tell you is if you don’t print much every time you start up the printer it cleans the heads which uses alot of ink i have printed about 20 papers since ive owned the 5100 and its allready used a color cartridge dont know how this could save any money for someone who doesnt print much I am not happy at all with this feature

Vicki says:

Kodak printer and cheaper ink

I own the Kodak 5300 printer and for the money I spent on the printer $88. at a club store, I am happy! happy! The ink is cheaper, the printer is easy to use. The only catch is you must use Kodak photo paper to get quality photo printing. The printer can read the type of photo paper you put in and selects the settings for you. I am very happy with the quality of prints I get. I use regular copy paper for documents and the children’s homework, works great! I hope this helps someone.

Dimitrios Marantidis says:


This is my first time that I expressing my views with all the printers. I had before Epson 777 and 820 color and went fine that time. Now I find out all the problems with the printers. I had a Lexmark and now I have HP Officejet j5780 all-in-one and the problems are plenty. The printer cost me $145.00 and the ink cost $30.00 to $33.00 every 100 pages and even I spoke with them, they told me that they have to make money in some place and forget your complains. This is the way the market works.

freddyzdead says:

Kodak printer and cheaper ink

Kodak (or any other similar size company) will never do anything that benefits the customer (or anyone else but themselves) unless it’s a side-effect from benefiting themselves.

These companies stay in business only through gargantuan advertising campaigns which smaller businesses can’t afford. The sheeple buy their products because they saw them on the telly.

Kodak was among the first to see the writing on the wall as to the (lack of) future of photographic film. They have applied the same business models to the digital realm as they did to the chemical one.

If you go the Kodak way, you will find yourself forking out money at every turn; it’s all planned that way. You are far better to get a good quality lesser known brand camera and an old (pre-chip) Canon printer and refill the cartridges yourself. Never buy a printer that has the printhead and ink tank as an integral unit. The total cost of ownership of these is much higher. That’s why I only use Canon or Brother.

Janys Carney says:

Kodak cheap ink

I owned cannon printers for many years because there was a site where you could buy one cartridge and get 2 free. My old cannons finally gave out and we replaced one with a pixma ip6210. I love the quality of the print, but ouch, when I went to replace the cartridges it took a big bite out of my wallet, so I bought a KodakESP3. Great pictures, great price on the cartridges and the all in one printer was actually reasonably priced. The other day Woot had a Kodak 5300 for sale and I bought another one. Hummmm, now if I could just get my husband to let go of his old Cannon….

vicki says:

ink replacement

The biggest problem with the kodak easyshare 5300 is that when one ink cartridge is empty (either color or black) the printer is disabled and you can not print t all until you replace the cartridge. My color cartridge was empty. I thought no big deal, I’m printing in black anyway…wrong! The printer would not print and when I called tech support at Kodak I was told this is the way they were designed. What a stupid design feature!!!

jim monette says:

ink prices

I have a lexmark printer which cost about 200.00 dollars the printer is slow and the ink is supper expensive. The ink does not last very long and when it gets down a message comes up saying your ink is low and thenit stops after each document that it is low on ink. I used it last night and was able to get 80 pages out of the ink they said was running out by just saying continue to print this document
Someone shoud investigate this printer companies All the ink is made in Mexico so we know it does not cost that much
to make they even have a return catridge program but no money back when you send them in.

Fred says:

Kodak Printer

My wife bought a Kodak ESP3. We thought we’d save some money on ink. What a mistake! This printer is the biggest piece of junk I have ever seen. Everytime we want to print something, doesn’t matter what, we have to remove the cratridges and put them back in. Then, maybe, we get what we want. My kids are very frustrated with it. My oldest has turned in work incomplete because of this thing not printing right.

Do yourself a favor and DON’T BUY ONE.

Frank Hoffmann says:

"Cheap" ink not such a good deal

Well first of all, when the Kodak “decides” that the ink is low, the printer simply shuts down and will not allow you to print. Even with a brand-new black ink cartridge, you cannot print a black-and-white document if the color ink cartridge is out! Kodak’s printers also seem to show empty cartridges LONG before the cartridge is truly empty. Oh, and the print head has gone bad twice in 8 months.

Mary V says:

Kodak Printer Cartridges

We have a Kodak ESP3 and I just hate it. When you first turn the unit on to print something the noise it makes is unbelievable. It takes forever to get warmed up. As far as saving on ink, forget that as well. We just put a new ink cartridge in it again about a week ago and have only printed a few pages and it says that we are already low on ink. How can they justify you saving money on ink, when you have to replace it all the time after very little use. I told my husband to get rid of it and we will be shopping around for something else.

jackie stanley says:

Kodak Printer

I went and bought a kodak printer on hoping to save money on the ink, was I ever wrong. I ran out of in and went to buy new ink, yes it was cheap, but when I put it in the printer, It wouldn’t. The colors didn’t come out right at all. I ended up going through a whole color ink cartage trying to get it to print right. A new printer Such a waste.

jackie stanley says:

Kodak Printer

I went and bought a kodak printer on hoping to save money on the ink, was I ever wrong. I ran out of in and went to buy new ink, yes it was cheap, but when I put it in the printer, It wouldn’t. The colors didn’t come out right at all. I ended up going through a whole color ink cartage trying to get it to print right. A new printer Such a waste.

paul53 says:

Kodak ESP3250

Had to get a new printer for my Window 7 and found out that Microsoft and Kodak are fully compatible.Went out and got a ESP3250 and just a regular 2.0 USB cable brought it home and hooked it up. It went so smooth I was shocked. Am very happy with the printer and software provided by Kodak and the quality is awesome. For the price of the printer and new ink you can’t go wrong.

Mary (profile) says:

Kodak ESP7

This printer has been nothing but a hassle!!! It takes forever to warm up and is very loud. The ink definitely doesn’t last longer. It won’t scan if you don’t have both black and color ink cartridges…even if you only want to save or e-mail the scanned page! And forget using compatible ink cartridges. I’ve had to have one printer replaced already because of continual paper jams. I’m ready to throw it out the window. You don’t save money, but you definitely have a lot of stress after dealing with this printer. It has caused many arguments because my children haven’t been able to complete numerous assignments because of problems and issues with it.

Cynthia says:

Kodak ESP-3

Love the printer.. Love the cheaper ink prices.. HATE the fact that when you need to print a document RIGHT NOW that is black (AND YOUR BLACK CARTRIDGE IS FULL) it will not let you print in only black if the color cartridge is out of ink.. This is their way of making up for low ink prices.. They force you to have to buy both cartridges or you will not be printing BUPKIS!!!!!



We just purchased a new KODAK print. We have been users of HP printers for over 20 years and saw an advertisement stating that the KODAK printer uses less ink and that their ink cartridges cost less.

Respond “AD” verses “FACTS”…our black cartridge was getting slightly low and the color cartridge still had a lot of ink, but it would not let us continue to print, so we had to buy more ink.

We purchased a new combo pack of black/colorcartridges and even though there was still a lot of color ink still left in the old cartridge it would not let us replace just the black…

This printer/cartridge system definitely does not allow you to print as many pages as the HP ink cartridges…plus you can use the HP cartridges until they are extremely low. Not the case with the KODAK.

I will never be swayed by a commercial again…

I am going to buy another HP even though we just bought this printer approximately a month ago…the ink is ridiculously expensive

Anonymous Coward says:

Someone shoot these manufactures in the fucking head. (Like the mel gibbson movie ransome or some other movie that some one fucks with his family) mel say’s you go far enough up the chain you will find one man who makes the decisions. someone should find the few men who price fix or want to rip off small business owners, students, etc and shoot them in the face.
Why must people just feel it’s ok to fuck every one to get rich.

Dustin says:

Kodak Ink Cartriges SUCK, you dry...

I’ve had a Kodak AIO printer for a couple years now, but I don’t use it often at all, maybe once every 3 months. After going through 5 different sets of color / black cartriges, I finnaly realized that the ink dry’s up over time, so it’s not just a matter of how much ink they give you, it’s how long it lasts. I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s realized this, but I just threw my 5100 in the trash and I’m getting an HP office jet tomorrow since I know they work for a couple years and the ink lasts doesn’t dry up and dissapear over a period of a couple months…

delacydoris@yahoo.com says:

kodak printers and ink

Kodak has pulled off another scam. Their printers are such poor quality. Additionally, the black ink cannot run unless it has the color with it, as they have been programmed to require both to run. So it isn’t cheap for the poor quality. They were going into bankruptcy and that is where they will be. America hates this company as they sold everyone on the instant photos in the 50′ and 60″ and swore if we used their solution on the photo it would not fade. All faded and American lost their family pictures. They have not changed and don’t buy this junk!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim B says:

Ink Costs

I purchased a Kodak all in one printer. loved it until they raised the ink price up from $14.99 for color. Then it went up to $19.99. The black is the same still $9.99. They sold a lot of printers to consumers. So now they raise the price up on the color. I’m getting a ink refill kit..Then if this printer goes I will not buy any more.

Julie W. says:


Hey Tim,
Good luck on the refill kit. I refilled my Kodak ink cartridges and there’s something in the printer that will not let you use the old cartridges. I got the Kodak printer because the H.P. printer cartridges would expire and yes, I had them expire and they still had ink in them.
Printers are a real money making gimick I’ll tell you that.

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