German Court Says Police Cannot Put Spyware On Someone's Computer

from the the-new-digital-laws dept

As various legal systems grapple with new, technology-related issue, it appears that a German court has come down firmly against the idea of allowing police to use remote spying techniques to record what a suspect does on his or her computer. The government had been hoping to use trojan horse programs to spy on some suspected terrorists, but the courts have noted that, unfortunately, doing so is against the law. Of course, law enforcement officials aren’t thrilled about that and are now planning to push the government to change the law in their favor — so it’s not like this is over yet.

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Comments on “German Court Says Police Cannot Put Spyware On Someone's Computer”

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ScytheNoire (profile) says:

But until they start prosecuting these companies, including the likes of the RIAA and MPAA, then what difference will it make? A law isn’t very good if it doesn’t get inforced.

Now start hitting companies that violate users rights, and then you’ll be getting some where. Just start putting a few executives in prison, and the public will start feeling like the law matters.

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