Fighting Album Leaks By Offering Something More

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Every time we see the recording industry worried about “piracy” we wonder why they don’t just play up the additional features or content they can offer. Ben S writes in to point out that the band Fall Out Boy had their latest album leaked online last week. Rather than rush to release the album, as others have done in the same situation, the band has decided to add an incentive to those who actually buy the album: they’ll add in a live EP that they’re recording tonight in London. If you buy the actual album, you’ll get a special key that will let you log into their website and download the live recording. Now, it probably won’t take long for the live songs to leak out as well (or, just the key to leak out), but it is one example of a band putting in place incentives and additional value to get people to actually pay for their albums. There are plenty of other ways to do so as well (discounts on concert tickets, merchandise, a chance at a private concert, access to band members, etc., etc.) and hopefully we’re starting to see more bands experiment with these types of incentives.

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Comments on “Fighting Album Leaks By Offering Something More”

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Alex says:

Or everyone could just accept that piracy doesn’t harm the music industry in the slightest. You’re right when you say that the “music” part of the package isn’t what the industry should be selling. Most* bands make their money from touring and merchandise anyway. The music might be the most important part for the artist and the consumer, but from a business point of view it should be seen as just another promotional tool.

By “most” I am of course, not referring to michael jackson or the beatles

David says:

Might want to update your information there, their album has been on torrents sites for nearly a month now.

I think things like this are great. Or when they suddenly without advance notice stick B-sides on CDs, that is just great. Sure it gets out, but you surprise the customer with more then they thought they were paying for and it makes them wonder what surprises will be in store next time.

mike says:

Oh no! I have to wait for 3 hours after the official release to get ONE! extra song…oh man thats great incentive to buy the album. But its nice to see that they are doing this though in general. As far as Alex said…I agree with him totally about the album sales not being the largest profit margin. RIAA gorw up and maybe you could find that the internet is a better place to distribute music.

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