Please Turn Off Your Computers Over Vacation

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Canon is apparently worried about the impact of people leaving their printers and other office equipment on over the holidays. They’ve done a study in the UK, noting that a tremendous amount of energy will be wasted by office workers leaving computers, printers and other equipment powered up while they’re off from work. All in all, they say the excess wasted juice will cost companies £8.66 million (~$17 million), and would apparently be enough to roast 4.4 million holiday turkeys. Of course, it’s not Canon’s printers doing most of the damage (it’s their study after all). The big energy suckers are the PCs, of course, representing 87% of the problem. So, apparently, Canon’s holiday message to the world is, please, when you leave the office for the holidays, turn off your PC.

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Comments on “Please Turn Off Your Computers Over Vacation”

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TZoe says:

It's Holiday - Not Vacation

Isn’t it, “We’re going on holiday” as the commonly used term in the UK vs. vacation?

At any rate – I’m voting for turning off and unplugging all electronic equipment when away in case there is an electrical storm or outage in your absence – avoid the deadly power surge!

Otherwise, my pc’s will be on throughout this holiday/vacation!
(I get one whole day of holiday and one whole day I took for vacation – blended nicely, thank you very much!)

Someone says:

Re: That's christmas, by the way

Actually, it makes sense to say ‘holiday turkey.’ The traditional Christmas bird is the goose, turkey only became popular after colonisation of the Americas, and due in part I suspect to Thanksgiving (or as we English like to call it, “We didn’t want America anyway” day) and then later in Europe as more turkeys began to be shipped over here. This is particularly relevant as the article is about the UK (although turkey is probably more common than goose over here now due to cost).

Jeff says:

I'll Use My Elecricity If I Wanna

Just proves Canon’s all commie fascist pig.

If I wanna leave my computer on in case I wanna run background tasks, or log in remotely to check on things, or whatever, well then I’m d***ed well gonna.

Canon should read the other Techdirt articles that talk about how so many people no longer have a “work-free” vacation and end up mixing work with vacation, never TOTALLY leaving the office behind. In other words, I’m not WASTING electricity, I’m USING IT how I *want* to use it.

Moreover, Mike, many articles like this you don’t just put out the company view, but you also balance it with other Techdirt articles in the past or other current points of view. Maybe you just got lazy or just thought if you presented the one view that it would be funny to stir up the fire and see what kinda inflamatory comments would result. But really it’s exactly this kind of article that makes we want to dismiss Techdirt authors as just a bunch of whiney b****es whose musings are mostly junk , but who occasionally give me a heads-up on a tech topic I hadn’t heard about elsewhere yet.

Brad Eleven (profile) says:

"but... we must say *something* ..."

What a waste of energy it was to publish this silly recommendation. As many have already pointed out, we have much more perfidious ways to waste energy than to leave our bloody computers on.

See also the actual causes of shifts in human behavior, and note that none of them are a memorandum. Or a news article. Or even an essay. It takes someone’s livelihood being interrupted, and regrettably, this is much more likely to happen when sensible practises are legislated.

I agree with the idea, and I’m aligned with the cultural elements who are likely to continue reminding us that we have actually passed the energy watershed. However, the ownership of the mass media is concentrated in the hands of the same people who’ve invested heavily in petroleum, and in Middle East “stability” (read “run by white people”), and in other concerns which dictate continued global warming and genocide.

I fully expect the deck chairs to be maintained, even as the vessel comes apart and sinks with us on it.

KuanYin says:

Re: "but... we must say *something* ..."

Brad Eleven….
somebody makes a suggestion regarding energy and you have to turn it into racism? Get off your soapbox… wasted energy concerns everybody…has nothing to do with any race…
**** agree with the idea, and I’m aligned with the cultural elements who are likely to continue reminding us that we have actually passed the energy watershed. However, the ownership of the mass media is concentrated in the hands of the same people who’ve invested heavily in petroleum, and in Middle East “stability” (read “run by white people”), and in other concerns which dictate continued global warming and genocide.***

Anonymous Bastard says:

10 Days OFF?!?

Wait…some people get 10 days off for the holidays? I’m lucky that i get christmas and new years day off at all, so my company tells me! with both of their “eves” happening on sunday, they don’t even have to give us those off (or make them half days)

damn you all that work as non-sweatshop laborers (or if you’re in the uk, labourers)

Peet McKimmie (profile) says:

Proliferation of Viruses

It’s worrying that this culture of “energy saving” is so prevalent in the computer world. People install virus scanners to protect their systems, set them to run at 4am so their work won’t be interrupted, go away and… Some busybody switches their machine off before leaving.

End result, the antivirus software gives them a false sense of security, while never actually being run. Oh, but it will download upgrades and incur recurring charges on the corporate bank account…

Pessimist Peet.

Peet McKimmie (profile) says:

Laugh all you want but

Just to put this in context, can we assume you do most or all of your cooking and heating by gas? I can well believe a computer making up about 45% of a “computer, TV and lighting” bill, but not 45% of a “computer, TV, lighting, heating and cooking” bill. I have one or two computers running pretty much 24/7, and I knocked 25% off my monthly bill by investing in low-energy light bulbs.

Brian Zero says:

furnaces will work harder

Net sum zero? I don’t think so. There is a certain thing called efficiency.

PCs may produce a lot of heat but that’s all INEFFICIENCY. A lot of research has gone into making them produce as little heat as possible, though clearly there’s a long way to go with that one.

Whereas a ‘furnace’ is optimised to produce heat as efficiently as possible. There’s virtually no processing power generated as an unwanted by-product of a furnace.

So generally, a furnace produces more heat with less energy than even an AMD Athlon! (don’t get me wrong – I’m an AMD person but that was one hot processor family!)

Kevin says:


Is IBM on crack?

We are BEGGING people to leave the PC’s on all the time so that Marimba can get the pc’s updated. They have to get their securit updates, patches, and fixes. Not to mention that the symantec services go out and find the definition updates a bit better when there’s power to the cpu.

IBM, you have your Bean Counters running your IT department.

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